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Counterbalance forklift training is not an option for any company with forklifts operating on its property. Not only do regulations require employers to take all reasonable steps to ensure safety among their employees, but courts are also more than willing to assign liability to companies and managers who fail to ensure their workers have been properly trained. It is for this reason that the HGVT Training Services (HGV Training Centre) recommends companies operating forklifts have their drivers trained and certified.


Our recommendations sometimes go unheeded because companies believe they don’t have the financial resources to devote to off-site training. They believe the only way they can effectively train their drivers without burdening their finances is to handle everything in-house. That is certainly one option, but another option is to take advantage of the low-cost counterbalance forklift training courses we provide.

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When we explain to our clients how affordable training is then most come to realise the benefit of allowing our experts to handle it. They discover that leaving the training to us enables them to concentrate on whatever it is they do best without having to worry about being hampered by excessive training bills. We keep costs as low as possible so that our customers never have to worry about how they pay for training.

Why Training Is so Necessary

The question of whether or not counterbalance forklift training should be conducted in-house is really a non-issue as long as comprehensive training is provided. Why is training necessary? Because forklifts are dangerous vehicles that require a particular skill set to operate safely. In order to gain a bit more clarity, let us briefly look at the different types of equipment used to move cargo around the warehouse:

It must be understood that counterbalance forklifts are intended to move hefty loads across great distances, whereas the other two pieces of equipment are not. Knowing that, it should be obvious that operating a counterbalance forklift in a warehouse setting poses additional challenges that need to be overcome.

Five Challenges for Drivers

The counterbalance forklift training we provide at the HGVT Training Services (HGV Training Centre) focuses on teaching operators the best and safest way to overcome the additional challenges posed by operating a counterbalance forklift in a warehouse environment. But make no mistake, the concepts we teach can be utilised in any environment in which forklifts are used.

Five additional challenges we focus on are as follows:

  1. Load Balance – Operators of hand pallet and reach trucks don’t normally have to worry about load balance issues because these are not handling extremely heavy weights. The same cannot be said about counterbalance forklifts. Operators need to understand the concepts of weight distribution and balance in order to prevent accidents involving cargo being dropped or forklift trucks tipping over.
  2. Pedestrian Traffic – The speed involved in operating a counterbalance forklift is such that drivers always need to be cognisant of pedestrian traffic. Forklifts can move pretty quickly, much faster than they can stop. Drivers cannot afford to not notice pedestrians anywhere near their workspaces.
  3. Field of Vision – Forklift design is such that vision is limited even when no load is present. When an operator adds a load, his or her field of vision can be significantly reduced. Again, these are problems not faced when using a reach or hand pallet truck.
  4. Sloped Surfaces – It is not uncommon for manufacturing and industrial environments to have sloped surfaces on which forklifts have to move. Operators need to learn how to compensate for these surfaces in light of the cargo they carry and the counterbalance weights designed to provide stability.
  5. Operational Control – The most difficult part of counterbalance forklift training is teaching students how to maintain smooth operational control of forks. Driving a forklift around the warehouse is one thing, smoothly operating forks to prevent accidental drops is entirely different. It takes a lot of experience to master fork control.

Operating a counterbalance forklift is infinitely more complex than using a hand pallet truck or reach truck. Allowing untrained drivers to work in your building is both unwise and unsafe. We hope you will consider the low-cost counterbalance training courses we offer.

How We Do It

A lot of training companies claim to offer low-cost training courses yet do not follow through on those claims. You will find that such is not the case at the HGVT Training Services (HGV Training Centre). When we say we offer low-cost training, we back it up with our pricing list. Furthermore, we continually strive to contain our own costs so that we don’t have to pass increases on to our customers.

How do we do it? By addressing some crucial issues that might the problematic for smaller, less developed training companies.

First and foremost is resource management. Being as large as we are – we currently operate more than four dozen facilities – enables us to more effectively use all of the resources at our disposal, translating to lower operating costs. It is no different than the large retailer capable of offering lower prices as a result of utilising resources more efficiently.

Second, we do not require our students to spend time in class learning information they do not need to know to pass their certification or licencing exams. That extemporaneous training can be provided in-house, saving us time and our customers money. We only charge for providing the relevant information students need to pass.

Third, we allow each forklift operator attending one of our classes to work at his or her pace. While this may mean some drivers move more slowly than others, a little bit of extra time they need to pass costs far less than having to repeat an entire class from start to finish. This saves money as well.

Our business model is one that promotes high-quality training at the minimum possible price. It is a model that we have strategically developed over decades of being in business. In other words, we are not where we are today by accident. We have pursued excellence from day one. We believe most of our clients know that after having taken just one or two classes with this.

Training is a necessity for all of your forklift operators. But don’t spend more than you have to. The HGVT Training Services (HGV Training Centre) offers low-cost counterbalance forklift training courses at dozens of facilities throughout the UK. We are ready to train you or your operators right away. Upon completion of training, every operator receives a certificate accredited by ITSSAR.

Further Information on Forklift Driving

If you have any questions on Counterbalance forklift training please do not hesitate to call or email our customer support team for the latest information and course prices. For you further reading  just select from one of our other articles below:



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