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In any industry, there is a big difference between workers who are properly trained and those who are not. Untrained workers may be adequate for handling routine tasks that do not necessarily involve unique challenges, but they are not the best option in positions requiring special skills and knowledge. Well-trained workers, on the other hand, fit the bill nicely. This is one of the reasons we encourage and promote certified forklift operator training provided by a specialist company like ours.

We know many of our clients utilise in-house training when necessary. But like us, they understand that in-house training can only go so far. They look to the HGV training Services (HGVT) to give their operators the kind of specialised training necessary to be the best in the business. Proof of that training comes by way of the ITSSAR accredited certificate all of our students receive upon completion of a training programme.

In addition to the quality of our training, clients also appreciate our fast and intense training approach combined with our low-cost classes. They know that sending their operators to us will achieve the kind of results they are looking for without putting tremendous strain on the company budget.

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Fast Paced Training Methods

The HGV training Services (HGVT) did not become one of the nation’s leading providers of professional driver training by accident. Nor did we accomplish it overnight. Our tremendous success has been a long-term process resulting from years of developing our proven training strategy. That training strategy is modelled on an intense and fast-paced approach designed to accomplish three specific things:

  1. Absorption and Retention – Information received during training is of no value if the student does not absorb and retain it. We have found that dividing training into short and intense bursts provide the type of absorption and retention our student’s need. Our students learn in short and intense bursts, making it possible to learn and retain it effectively.
  2. Individualised Support – One of the extra advantages of our training approach is that it allows our instructors to give students individualised support. Instructors can track a student’s progress and, when necessary, provide additional instruction or encouragement in an area where a student is struggling. This extra attention increases our passing rates dramatically.
  3. Real-World Instruction – Finally, our training approach is intended to mimic a real-world experience as much as possible. If a future forklift operator cannot keep up with our training programme, he or she may struggle in the workplace. This is something that needs to be identified as early as possible so that it can be overcome before the student enters the workforce.

In the end, our forklift operator training is designed to prepare students to get to work as soon as possible. We don’t string students along in an extended process that takes months or years to complete, collecting hefty tuition payments as we go. Rather, our training can be completed in as little as three days for experienced operators and five days for new operators. Yes, you did read that correctly. A completely inexperienced operator can be trained and certified in just five days.

Our Training Staff

How do we do what we do so successfully? It starts with our training staff. The HGV training Services (HGVT) takes great pride in the fact that we go out of our way to find trainers who have spent time in the workplace as employed forklift operators. The experience and knowledge they possess is invaluable to the learning environment. Simply put, they know what it means to work safely and proficiently as a materials handling specialist. They know what they know from experience, not just from reading a book.

We also want you to know that we have very high expectations of all our instructors. They go into each new training class with the knowledge that a forklift operator who does not possess skill and confidence is one who will not perform well on the job. With that knowledge, our instructors are directed to pay close attention to student needs throughout the training process. Instructors track their students’ progress as they go, making sure each one is ready for a certification exam when the time comes. Those students who need extra help receive it.

At the culmination of a training programme, our individualised support doesn’t stop. We go one step further by offering our students job placement assistance. That assistance includes a jobs database that is kept up-to-date by our dedicated support staff. The database gives our students access to literally hundreds of open forklift operator jobs.

It should be easy to see that the HGV training Services (HGVT) offers everything you need to be trained and certified as a forklift operator. When you train with us, you receive:

Your decision to become a forklift operator is a wise one. There is a shortage of qualified operators throughout the UK; it is a shortage that will only continue to grow as the economy expands in the years ahead. Being trained and certified now opens the door to plenty of career opportunities just waiting for you to take advantage of. So why not start your training as soon as possible? You need only contact us to learn more about our class locations, times, and pricing.

Corporate Training Opportunities

Most of this guide has been focused on the individual looking to earn a certificate and go on to be employed as a forklift operator. However, the HGV training Services (HGVT) also offers corporate training opportunities as well. We have been working with motoring and materials handling companies throughout the UK from the very beginning as a business. We have worked with some of the most well-known companies in the country.

Our corporate training programmes take all the hassle out of forklift operator training. As a client, you need worry about nothing. We design the training courses, we provide the training and certification, and we make sure all your operators have the knowledge, skill, and confidence to be safe and proficient.

Please keep in mind your legal obligations to create a safe working environment for all of your employees. While the law does not stipulate what kind of training your forklift operators must receive, it does stipulate that some sort of training is required. As a company, you are also required to document that training if it is provided in-house.

Why go through the administrative hassle when our corporate training programmes are so convenient and affordable? Furthermore, putting your drivers through one of our training courses has the advantage of the ITSSAR-accredited certificate we issue. That certificate is an extra bonus you can provide your forklift operators to demonstrate how much you value their services.

The HGV training Services (HGVT) is proud to be able to offer both individual and corporate training for forklift operators. Whether you choose our one-day, three-day or five-day course, you will receive high-quality training that meets industry and ITSSAR standards. It is training that proves you have what it takes to be the best forklift operator you can be.

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