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No matter what kind of career you decide to embark on, there will always be some sort of training involved. We believe one of the primary advantages of pursuing a career as an HGV driver can be summed up in the simple principle of cost-to-benefit ratio. In other words, how much money and time does an individual spend on training in comparison to the rewards that training provides?

HGV training costs are extremely affordable when compared to other kinds of training. For example, your typical professional driver will spend a couple of thousand pounds getting the training he or she needs to earn an HGV licence. Training will usually last no more than a few weeks for those who learn quickly and retain what they have learned. Going to university to be an IT worker could cost tens of thousands of pounds and several years of study. Whether or not the investment is worth it is something each individual must evaluate for him/herself.

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The good news for HGVT students is that we offer a financing option through our Train Now, Pay Later programme. This programme makes financing available via Pay 4 Later. You can train now and hold off on paying for your training until you are working. This programme makes HGV training more affordable to more people.

Actual Training Costs Vary

We are often asked by potential students what the real HGV training costs are. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a black and white answer in this space. How much you spend on training depends on the kind of licence you are interested in and any other additional courses you might want to take in order to apply for specialist jobs.

What we can say is that you will pay a fraction of the cost of a university education. Furthermore, you will be able to pay off any financing you might use rather quickly. Instead of graduating from university with tens of thousands of pounds in debt, paying for your training costs will be easily manageable within your budget. You will not have student debt weighing you down for years to come.

What You Get for Your Money

HGV training is about more than just preparing you for a career. It is also about value. It is about paying only for the training you absolutely need to embark on your career as a professional driver, without requiring you to spend money and time learning things that have absolutely nothing to do with your career choice. Again, let us compare HGV driving school with university.

When you train to be a professional driver, your HGV training costs include several weeks of classes dedicated solely to learning to drive safely and proficiently. When you go to university, you may spend the first two years on a broad range of general knowledge and then another two years focusing on your actual career choice. You end up spending far more time and money than is necessary to embark on your career.

For the record, here is what is included in your HGV training costs when you train with us:

The HGV Training Centre also provides ongoing training for both individual and company drivers. We offer remedial training, CPC driver training and certification, and more. We even offer courses for non-professionals looking to learn how to tow a trailer or safely operate a forklift truck.

There is no doubt you get a lot for your money with HGV training. In terms of sheer value, we do not think there are many other training programmes that offer you as much. Just by investing a couple of thousand pounds and a few weeks of your time, you can be ready to embark on a long and rewarding career as a well-paid HGV or PCV driver.

Testing Costs Included in Training

Students who train with the HGV Training Centre will find that their tests are included in their total HGV training costs. If you were to schedule and pay for your tests separately, you would pay the following:

Our students still pay for the tests themselves, but we include those costs in your total training package so you have no unexpected out-of-pocket expenses while you train. The only exception is for those who choose to prepare for and book the theory test by themselves. You certainly have the freedom to do so should you choose. You can then begin practical skills training with us after you pass the theory test.

Professional Drivers Are Skilled Workers

Even though HGV training costs are significantly less than going to university, we hope you don’t take that to mean that professional drivers are unskilled workers doing a job anyone is capable of. The fact of the matter is that professional drivers are highly skilled. They possess the level of skill and knowledge that very few people in the UK have. Theirs is a job not everyone can do.

To be a good driver one must be intelligent. You must be able to learn the necessary book knowledge and then apply it to the real world on a day-to-day basis. A good driver must also have the ability to concentrate, adapt, problem solve, think long-term, and plan. Professional driving is anything but starting the motor and pulling away without any thought.

Those who believe HGV driving is a career of last resort for those unable to do anything else are the same people who have never sat behind the wheel of an HGV. If you have been considering a career as a professional driver, do not be swayed by those who don’t understand what professional driving is all about. Millions of experienced drivers all across the UK can tell you that their career choice is just as demanding and requires just as much knowledge as any other. It is a career choice well worth pursuing whether you are just starting out or you are looking to launch a new career.

For more information about our class locations and prices, please do not hesitate to contact the HGVT Training Centre. Our training is fast, convenient, and comparably affordable. When you contact us, don’t forget to ask about managing your HGV training costs through Pay 4 Later.

Relevant HGV Driver Information

When looking for a change in career you need as much information as possible to ensure you are making the right decision. We hope that the additional information below will be of help.



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