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One of the biggest safety concerns for forklift operators is that of pedestrians walking too close to where forklifts are operating. In fact, far too many accidents involving forklift trucks and pedestrians occur in UK warehouses every year. Now, thanks to revolutionary technology out of France, UK forklift trucks are about to become a lot safer.

A French research Institute known as Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique (CEA) has developed some exciting new technology involving intelligent camera systems that can be mounted on all sorts of vehicles. The technology has already been used successfully in a number of tunnelling projects in and around London. The key to the system is its ability to differentiate human beings from other objects.

Cameras are mounted on the chosen vehicles (forklift trucks, for example), and then programmed to scan the area around the vehicle continuously. If a pedestrian is detected in a danger zone, an alarm sounds to alert the operator. The operator can make a decision based purely on that alarm or check an in-cab video feed first.

We believe this new system has the potential for greatly reducing the number of accidents between forklift trucks and pedestrians. It will certainly add another dimension to forklift truck training by providing an extra set of electronic eyes and ears to pay attention.

According to one individual with knowledge of the system, 3-D technology makes it the only system in the world capable of distinguishing a human being from other objects, whether stationary or moving. This is especially helpful on warehouse floors where motion is constant. We are expecting the system to accomplish some very good things.

Training Still Important

The HGV Training Centre wants to remind forklift operators that training is still important even as new technology is introduced in the coming months and years. There is simply no substitute for quality forklift truck training that teaches operators how to work safely at all times.

Our forklift truck training courses do just that. We teach drivers how to work in tight spaces, how to manoeuver their vehicles in a crowded work environment, how to safely balance loads, and how to properly stack and unstack cargo. We also teach smooth operation of fork controls under a variety of load conditions.

Although an operator’s licence is not required by law in the UK, we strongly urge forklift truck drivers to undergo training and certification. A certificate shows you have completed an approved training course and you are competent to operate a forklift safely. Remember that many companies are now looking for certification in order to protect themselves and their workers.

We offer forklift truck training at more than 45 facilities around the UK, so there is probably one close to you. We encourage you to contact us today, whether you need brand-new training or just remedial training to brush up on your skills. Our training courses are inexpensive and can be completed in a short amount of time.


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