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If you are planning to pull off a late night robbery – not that we condone such activity – we have an important tip for you: do not attempt to make your getaway on a forklift truck. Otherwise, you may end up like the less-than-successful Christopher Croston of Netherton. Croston is now in jail for 6½ years after being caught stealing from a Liverpool business for the second time in a matter of weeks.

According to the Liverpool Echo, Croston had robbed the Bootle Rolls-Royce complex several weeks before returning a second time for a repeat job. Unfortunately for him, he was easily spotted and apprehended by local police as he attempted his getaway on a forklift truck. Making things even easier for the police was the fact that Croston was wearing a high visibility jacket.

Judge Mark Brown told Croston at his sentencing that his use of a ‘slow and conspicuous getaway vehicle’ showed just how intoxicated the man was. The judge imposed the stiff sentence due to Croston’s tendency toward violent robberies.

Great for Logistics, Bad for Getaways

We can laugh about Croston’s bungling burglaries now, but it turns out the very thing that allowed him to get caught is actually one of the things that makes modern forklift trucks safe. Of course, we are referring to speed. The top speed of the average warehouse forklift is not much faster than what you could achieve at a leisurely jog. Forklift speeds are purposely limited to avoid unnecessary accidents. Even the fastest forklift on the planet would not have been quick enough to enable Croston to evade police pursuit.

Another thing to consider is that forklift trucks are easily manoeuvrable only at slow speeds. Trying to corner at top speed, even without a load, can easily lead to a forklift tipping on its side. No matter how you cut it, trying to escape a burglary by forklift is just not a smart idea. Forklifts are great for logistics; they are bad for criminal getaways.

Proper Forklift Training

In light of Mr Croston’s bungled burglary, we want to remind our readers that the HGV Training Centre includes telescopic forklift training on our long list of commercial driver training opportunities. Our forklift classes can make you a better operator regardless of how long you have been behind the wheel.

New operators benefit by being able to use the certification we provide as a CV enhancement when looking for work. Veterans benefit from our training classes that refresh their skills and keep them up-to-date with what is currently happening in the world of forklift trucks.

The HGV Training Centre reminds business owners that they have an obligation to make sure all of their workers remain safe at all times. If your business operates forklift trucks, part of that obligation is to make sure those trucks are operated in accordance with the latest safety standards. Our training goes a long way in making sure forklift safety is a priority in your workplace.


Liverpool Echo – http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/merseysides-stupidest-criminals—meet-7377412


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