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Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspectors recently paid a visit to an Essex fabrication company only to find their forklift truck had not been properly inspected in over a year. The violations they found clearly showed the forklift truck was both a safety hazard and an unreliable piece of equipment. The company was ordered to pay more than £6,200 in combined fines and employee restitution.

According to a recent report by Materials Handling World (MHW) Magazine, what transpired at the Essex facility is not all that uncommon. Far too many companies do not inspect their forklift trucks on a regular basis. Among those that do, inspections may not be thorough enough to cover all aspects of UK law.

MHW Magazine spoke with a representative of the CFTS, the governing body responsible for developing and implementing government standards, who told them that forklift inspections consist of elements broken down into two categories as determined by two different sets of legislation:

The CFTS recommends companies contract with an accredited inspector to make sure both LOLER and PUWER inspections are done at the same time. This ensures a forklift truck will always be operating according to the law.

Forklift Training and Inspections

If you are a company owner or manager, do not make the mistake of thinking your forklift operators know how to inspect their equipment. They probably don’t. Just because an operator has received telescopic forklift training, for example, does not qualify him/her to identify possible safety issues with his/her equipment. That’s what certified inspectors are for.

Not only that, your forklift operator has enough to worry about in terms of moving around your facility every day. All of his or her attention should be directed to safe driving, proper lifting and placing, manoeuvring loads in and out of tight spaces and so on. They do not need the additional pressure of making sure forklift trucks are regularly inspected.

While we’re on the topic, the HGV Training Centre is happy to provide your staff with the telescopic fork lift training they need. We offer operators the best classes designed to teach them everything they need to know about safe forklift operation. We teach them everything from load balancing to moving around the shop. We also teach them to be cognisant of others working in the general vicinity.

The HGV Training Centre currently works with businesses of all sizes and sectors throughout the UK. We would be happy to provide forklift training for your company as well. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible. New classes are forming all the time.


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