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Rough terrain forklift training has been on our list of training services for decades. As one of the early adopters of this kind of training, we are well aware of the skill and knowledge it takes to operate this sort of equipment in conditions that are not always ideal. Training is the key to a safe, long and successful career as a forklift operator – especially when operations involve rough terrain equipment in construction and other outdoor environments.

Just one look at a rough terrain forklift is all you need to understand that it is not the same kind of load handling machine one typically finds inside the average warehouse. The rough terrain forklift is much larger, much heavier, and capable of handling tremendous loads that would push a smaller counterbalance forklift to its limits. And with that extra size and lifting power comes the need for the kind of specialised training that we provide.


New Job or Career Advancement

The HGV Training Centre would not offer rough terrain forklifts training if there were no demand for it. But demand there is, and plenty of it. As the economy rebounds from the financial crisis of the previous decade, we are seeing construction companies and their tertiary enterprises adding to their workforces to keep up with demand. The agricultural and landscaping industries are expanding as well, adding their own forklift operators as they add equipment.


What does this mean to you? It means you can undergo rough terrain forklift training to either get a new job or to advance your current career as an accomplished operator. We offer three different courses made available to our students, depending on their needs and experience level. For example:

Just think about it. It only takes five days to complete your training and earn your certificate as a qualified rough terrain forklift operator. You could begin your course training on Monday, complete it by Friday, and be ready to start looking for work at the start of the following week. Talk about a fast track to employment; that’s exactly what we offer!

There is no need for you to spend years in university trying to find yourself and figure out what you want to do with your life. Get your forklift certificate and get to work right away. Then take future forklift training courses that will keep your skills sharp and, at the same time, make you a prime candidate for advancement within your company. We offer training that gets real results in the real workplace. We provide the results you need for a great career.

Our Accredited Certification Programme

There are no regulations in place establishing what constitutes proper training and certification for a forklift operator. However, the law does stipulate that employers must ensure their operators have received appropriate training. To that end, the government has approved six different entities to act as accreditation organisations for the purposes of issuing forklift certificates. Our accrediting organisation is the non-profit Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR). All forklift students graduating from our training programme receive a certificate awarded by the body.

The ITSSAR certificate is one of the most respected in the industry. More than just an accrediting body, this well-known organisation has the backing and support of:

A forklift certificate emblazoned with the ITSSAR logo is your ticket to a new job or advancement in the career path you have already established. Better yet, an ITSSAR certificate bearing the name of the HGV Training Centre is proof to employers that you have received perhaps the best training in the industry. The combination of our reputation and that of our accrediting body carries significant weight in the materials handling world.

So, just what does our accredited certification programme teach? In short, a lot. Rather than go through each and every detail in this space, we can describe what we do using three basic categories of instruction:

  1. Classroom Theory – The first step in successful rough terrain forklifts training is the classroom theory that familiarises students with forklifts as working mechanisms. Students learn how forklifts are designed, what they can and cannot do, and the science behind using them safely.
  2. Practical Operation – Our students actually sit behind the wheel of a forklift where they learn how to drive the vehicle and operate the fork controls. This practical instruction makes it possible to apply classroom theory in a setting that is as close to real-world work as possible.
  3. Health and Safety – It is imperative for every forklift operator to work with a mindset of health and safety. To that end, we teach operators how to perform routine equipment inspections before the day’s work. They also learn how to safely operate in the midst of fellow workers and customers. Finally, they learn how to work safely so that they do not endanger themselves either.

Our training is comprehensive enough to provide drivers with all of the skill and practice they need to pass the certification exam at the end of training. Yet we do not waste the student’s time with any kind of training that is unnecessary for the moment. This is what enables us to fully train new operators in just five days.

Fast, Convenient, Affordable

There are a lot of great reasons to choose the HGV Training Centre for your rough terrain forklift training. First and foremost, our training is fast. Our concentrated and intense training approach promotes fast learning and excellent retention. More than 90% of our students pass their exams on the first try.

Next, taking classes with us is incredibly convenient. We make it so through our size and access to resources. As one of the leading providers of forklift training in the country, the HGV Training Centre is proud to offer more than four dozen training facilities located across the UK. There is likely a training facility very near to where you live or work.

Finally, training with us is affordable. Our size allows us to control our own costs, thereby allowing us to charge less for our classes. We even offer a financing option through Pay 4 Later for students who do not have the cash on hand. You can receive your training today and put off paying for it until your weekly pay starts rolling in.

As the demand for experienced forklift operators continues to grow, training will be the key to getting and keeping a good job. If you are thinking about rough terrain forklift training for yourself, look no further than the HGV Training Centre. Our certified training programmes are just what you need to land a new job or to advance your current career.

Never forget that quality training means something. It means you have the knowledge, skills, and dedication to your craft to be the kind of operator your employer is looking for. Do not train with just anyone, train with an ITSSAR-accredited company offering for a certificate that is respected and accepted everywhere. Train with the HGV Training Centre.

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