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If you’re considering getting your driver CPC training, or even just wondering what it is and why you might want it, we’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions on the subject.  If you’d like to find out more about driver CPC training or even think about getting signed up, you can also speak to one of our friendly and helpful team members by giving us a call with absolutely no obligation.



What does CPC mean/stand for?

Driver CPC stands for Driver Certificate of Professional Competence.


What is CPC training?

CPC training, which is also sometimes called ‘Driver CPC training’, is a professional qualification which states that the holder is allowed to drive professionally and knows what they’re doing.  The qualification is applicable across the whole of Europe, and was designed to ensure high safety standards for professional drivers and vehicles all over the continent. It’s applicable to some vehicles, but not others, so check that it’s definitely the kind of training you need for the profession you want.

We also provide training for many other types of driving job and professional vehicle, so we’re likely to be able to get you on the right course in no time at all.


What is a CPC qualification card?

Your CPC qualification card is the card you get once you’ve completed your 35 hours of training and successfully passed your exams.  Carrying this card around with you is vital once you’re out on the road as a professional driver, so put it somewhere safe alongside your driving licence.


What does CPC training involve?

When you sign up for a CPC training course, you can expect to be instructed and tested in several different areas.  There are four main parts to the qualification, which are the theory test, the case study test, the driving ability test, and the practical demonstration test. You’ll be trained to pass in each of these areas, and given all the support you need to do so.

Who needs driver CPC training?

Driver CPC training is an absolute must for anyone who wants to be a professional coach, lorry or bus driver.  The qualification is a legal requirement and assures the safety of your passengers and other members of the public.


How do I get a Driver CPC card?

Once you’ve passed your training successfully, your CPC card will be with you immediately.  If you’re doing a refresher course and finish it early, you will only get your card close to the time your previous card expires.


How do I apply for my Driver CPC card?

Once you’ve completed your training and passed your test, the card will be sent automatically to the address your driving licence is registered to. Be sure to check this address in advance to make sure it’s the right one, or you could be waiting longer for your card if you need to get a replacement.


Is the CPC exam hard?

Like any exam, the Driver CPC test is hard only if you don’t have the information and training behind you to pass it. However, we take pride in supporting all of our trainees to pass, and our pass rate is exceptional.


Do I need CPC to drive a 3.5 tonne vehicle?

Anyone who drives a vehicle which is 3.5 tonnes or more has to take 35 hours of Driver CPC training. This has been the law since 2009.

How can I check my Driver CPC hours?

You can keep track of your CPC training hours – how many you’ve done so far and how many left to go – on this UK Government website.


How long is the CPC exam?

Different parts of the exam take different lengths of time. So, for example, your case study exam takes 75 minutes, while your practical demonstration test takes 30 minutes. You don’t have to complete all parts of the exam on the same day.


What is my CPC number?

Your CPC number will be assigned once you’ve passed your exams and will be across the front of your Driver CPC card.


Do van drivers need CPC?

If your van is 3.5 tonnes or over and you’re a professional driver by trade, you’ll need a Driver CPC.


How do I check my Driver CPC records?

You can login to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency website any time to check your CPC records.


Do I need a CPC to drive a minibus?

You will not need a CPC to drive a minibus if it is capable of carrying less than 19 passengers or if you’re not transporting passengers in a professional capacity.


How long does a CPC last?

Your Driver CPC licence lasts for 5 years, and then you will need to renew it with another round of training and tests.


How do I become CPC certified?

If you want your CPC licence, simply get in touch with one of our team and we’ll take you through the booking process including booking your training and exams too.


How do I change between EU and UK when it comes to CPC card?

If you did some or all of your training in another EU country but you have a UK driving licence, you’ll need to apply in writing to get a UK CPC card.  You can do this by collecting your UK licence number, phone number, dates you lived abroad and your EU address, the names and addresses of your employers during that time or your tax reference or national insurance number for the countries you worked in, plus a £25 payment. Send all of this information in its original form to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency at Driver CPC, DVSA, PO Box 280, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE99 1FP.


Is the Driver CPC exam multiple choice?

Yes some of the exam is in multiple choice form.



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