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If you’re getting ready to take your LGV/HGV theory test, you’re likely to want to know everything you can about what’s expected from you. So, with this in mind, we’ve put together this extensive guide that provides you with everything you need to know to get a pass first time.

Getting through your HGV theory test is an important, initial step taken on the road to becoming a professional driver. Here we take an in-depth look at the entire process of the HGV theory side of driver qualification. This also forms part of the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) that all new drivers need to pass and then keep up to date to remain on the road.


Who Should take the HGV Theory Test?

You should be taking your HGV theory test if:

*Acquired rights mean you have the entitlement for C1, which means you have grandfather rights & this means you will only need to complete a periodic CPC (5 Session of 7hrs) classroom-based training.


What’s Included in the HGV Theory Test?

The LGV / HGV theory test includes three separate parts:



What’s Included in the Multiple-Choice Questions?

The multiple-choice element of the test involves a total of 100 questions. Module 1 is made up of these questions and the hazard perception test.


What Topics are Covered in the Theory Test?

The subjects covered in the multiple-choice part of the HGV theory test have been chosen to test the applicant’s overall knowledge of being an HGV driver.

Topics you’ll encounter will include, but are not limited to:

It’s important to know that this is just a partial list of the topics that might come upon in your HGV theory test.


What’s the pass mark?

Out of the 100 marks available, you’ll have to attain 85 in order to get a pass. Both the multiple-choice and hazard perception tests are carried out on screen.


How Much Time Will I Have to Complete My HGV Theory Test?

In terms of duration, you’ll have a total of 2 hours, with 1 hour 15 minutes for the multiple-choice questions and 45 minutes allotted for the hazard perception test.


What Happens Once I’ve Passed?

As soon as you’ve passed, you’ll be given your pass certificate, which contains the pass numbers for both the multiple-choice and hazard perception tests.


What Happens if I Fail My HGV Theory Test?

If you’re not quite ready or simply having an off-day, you shouldn’t be too downhearted if you fail, as you can retake your HGV theory test. Simply get in touch and we’ll get you booked for your next test when you’re ready.



What’s Included in the Hazard Perception Test?

 The next part of the HGV theory test is the Hazard Perception element, which assesses your ability to spot and react to potential dangers you may encounter on the road. As mentioned before, the test is taken on-screen.

During your hazard perception test, you’ll be presented with 19 separate video clips, with each one lasting roughly 60 seconds. Each video is shown from the perspective of the driver, with a variety of hazards arising, which might cause you to take immediate action. These are specially designed CGI videos (DVSA revision material).

They include:

Anything that may cause you to alter your speed or take evasive action would be deemed as a hazard and you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled. This is not an exhaustive list, but it gives you a very good idea about what to expect.


What is the Pass Mark?

There are 100 possible marks available during the hazard test and you’ll be expected to score at least 67 to pass. Out of the 19, 18 of the videos will feature one scorable hazard, whilst one – and you’re not told which one – will feature two. Each scorable hazard will be worth up to 5 points, with the amount awarded dependent on the amount of time taken to notice the danger. This is why the clip with two hazards in it is so important.


How Do I Actually Take Hazard Perception Test?

As each clip plays out, you’ll have your hand on the mouse button and you should click each time you see something that you deem as a developing hazard. When you click is when you’re saying to the examiner that you would take action e.g. change your road position or change speed.



What are CPC Case Studies?

If you’re taking your initial CPC the first step would be the CPC Case Studies test. This particular element can be started as soon as you’ve got your provisional licence, meaning that you don’t have to complete the rest of the CPC qualification or the HGV theory test before you do so.

The actual test is comprised of 7 case studies which you view one by one on a computer. You’ll be given 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete the test, with each 6-8 multiple choice questions being asked about each of the 7 case studies.


What’s the Pass Mark for the CPC Case Studies?

The pass mark required for the CPC Case Studies element is 40 out of 50.


When Do I Get told Whether I’ve Passed?

The good news is that you’ll get told on the day whether you’ve passed or failed. If you pass, you’ll get a letter that’s valid for two years. You’ll need to complete your HGV theory test and the CPC part 4 practical demonstration test during that time. If you don’t, you’ll have to take this part again.


What Happens if I Fail the CPC Case Studies Test?

If you fail, your results letter will detail which parts of the test you failed and why. You won’t have to wait long to take the test again though, as you can re-book immediately and take it again after 3 clear working days.


Medical Requirements of the HGV Theory Test

In order to be considered for your HGV theory test, you need to first take an HGV medical test. This isn’t a drug test, rather it is to determine whether you’re physically fit enough to drive a lorry. When applying for your provisional licence, you need to make sure that you attach the medical report to your application to the DVLA.

This is an important step, as you won’t be able to take your HGV theory test without your provisional licence being approved.


Preparing for Your HGV Theory Test

We believe that the best way to ensure that you’re fully prepared for your HGV theory test is to make sure you get plenty of practice in beforehand. You can either prepare by yourself or utilise our software and training, which we absolutely know works. Some 92% of our students pass their theory test at the first time of asking an that’s because we concentrate on effective preparation techniques.

‘Practice makes perfect’ is a well-used phrase and it certainly applies to the HGV theory test. We encourage all of our students to practice, practice and practice again, as it breeds familiarity and offers the best possible chance of passing the real thing when it comes around.

Practice helps in a variety of ways:

Trainee HGV drivers who sign up with HGVT are provided with state-of-the-art software that allows them to practice HGV theory test content as often as they like. Accessible via PC or smartphone, you can get in the practice you need wherever you are and whatever the time of day.


Help & Advice Available

At HGVT, we are fully committed to helping you get through all aspects of your HGV training. There are no companies out there with a dedicated team to assist when you get stuck with your HGV theory test training, however, that doesn’t mean that there is no help or advice available. Our bookings team are experienced in dealing with customer queries where a student is struggling to understand certain modules.

As the largest UK provider of HGV training, we are uniquely positioned to provide the very best help to those looking to enjoy a long and profitable career as an HGV diver. Combined with our online software training, the support we offer gives you all the tools that you need to succeed.



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