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The most important point to make is that there is no difference between an LGV training and an HGV training. It is simply that HGV is the British terms of a truck over 7.5 tons (unladen) and LGV is the European term for a truck of the same weight. HGV stands for a Heavy Good Vehicle, and LGV stands Large Goods Vehicle


The HGVT (HGV Training Services LTD) has spent decades training commercial drivers in the UK. With every passing year, the volume of students moving through our classes has steadily increased, allowing us to reach the point today where we operate more than four dozen facilities in total. There is likely a training centre very near where you already live or work. We have centres in every area of the UK and, in some cases, multiple facilities in and around the largest metropolitan regions.

How does size contribute to us offering the best deals? It's quite simple: size allows us to earn our living on volume. Just like a big box store can offer reduced prices through a combination of pooling their resources and selling more product, we can do the same. Our size enables us to control our own costs by efficiently sharing resources across every training facility in our organisation. The savings this generates is passed on to our students via our fee structure.

Our Organisational Philosophy

All the training centres in the world would not benefit you if our LGV training were not rooted in a philosophy of efficiently training drivers and getting them to work as quickly as possible. You do benefit at the HGVT (HGV Training Services LTD) because that is exactly what our philosophy is. Our number one goal is to help you attain your LGV licence so that you can find a job that will enable you to make a good living while enjoying a long and productive career.

Our organisational philosophy ensures you get the great LGV training deal in the following ways:

Course Concentration - Our training is based on an intense and concentrated 'crash course' method that takes advantage of short-term memory to teach principles in quick, focused bursts. Our experience has taught us that this is the most effective way to approach learning the tremendous amount of information necessary to be an LGV driver. Our approach aids learning and retention so that you do not have to take courses multiple times.

Training Resources - The HGV Training Centre provides each student with all of the resources and materials needed to complete LGV training. It's all included in one fee. We do not require you to spend more money, above and beyond your tuition, on supplies and materials we ought to be furnishing for you.

Course Length - Some training companies put their students through long and cumbersome courses that lead to training programmes that could take 6 to 12 months to complete. Such long courses fill students' minds with information they do not need to pass their tests while also hindering their recall when test time does arrive. We believe this is a waste of your time and money. We keep our courses short, focusing only on the information you need to know to pass your tests.

Job Placement - We are especially proud of the job placement assistance we provide drivers who complete their training. Such assistance adds extra value to your training package by giving you an additional service many of our competitors do not offer. It is just another way we can give you the best LGV training deal on the market.

Our organisational philosophy has been purposely designed to provide value. What is value? It is the volume of products or services you receive in relation to the money you spend. We offer you value by giving you a lot in exchange for the tuition you pay. We enhance that value by keeping our fee structure as low as we possibly can.

“Alicia Scott has dealt with my application from the start
And she's has been brill, all theory side of things ..."


Value and Quality Combined

There is a misconception in the business world that a company cannot offer both value and quality. At the HGVT (HGV Training Centre), we simply do not adhere to that principle. We know, and practice every day, the reality that value and quality can be combined in the same package. We strive to do just that with our LGV training.
Even though we utilise an organisational philosophy designed to keep our prices affordable, we never sacrifice quality in our training. You will see this first-hand when you begin your classes with us.

The quality of our training is easily displayed by way of our:

Experienced Instructors - Each of our instructors is an experienced professional who has spent time working in the real world as an LGV driver. They know more than just book knowledge; they actually know what it's like to drive a commercial vehicle for a living. Their experience is invaluable to our students.

Support Staff - In addition to experienced instructors, we employ a dedicated support staff tasked with the job of assisting students as they progress through training. Support staff provide administrative assistance, answers to all your questions and any other help and support students need to successfully complete training.

Late-Model Equipment - Some training companies cut corners by utilising older vehicles they can purchase at a cheaper price. We don't. Our LGV training is conducted using late-model equipment that our drivers are likely to use in the real world. This ensures they are up to speed and ready to go as soon as they land a job.

We believe the most accurate measure of success for any LGV training company is the rate at which students pass their exams, get their licences, and go to work. We are proud to say that our first-time pass rate across all of our training programmes is consistently above 90%. The average pass rate rate for the LGV test across the UK is just over 50%. The statistics clearly demonstrate that we are succeeding where other training companies fail.

We succeed in our LGV training by providing each and every student with the individualised help and support required. If one student is particularly adept at learning and does not require any extra one-on-one support, we do not hold that student back. We let him/her go to learn at his/her pace. If another student appears to be struggling, we provide the extra help and support that will carry him or her through. Whatever it takes to guarantee students earn their licences, we are willing to do. And we do it all at an affordable price.

We believe the HGVT (HGV Training Centre) offers our students the best LGV training deal anywhere in the UK. And because we are able to use the internet to publish all of our information, you now know what we can offer you. We hope you will take advantage of everything you have learned in this guide by contacting us to sign up for LGV training. You can call us on our free telephone number or send us a message using the handy form on our 'contact us' page.


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