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If You’re looking for Forklift Licence requirements, you’re in right hands.  We have covered different questions that you need to know before obtaining a forklift licence/training. Driving a forklift truck is a skilled and vital profession, but it can also be a lot of fun and a great deal of satisfaction too. In addition, there is never a shortage of jobs for trained and competent forklift drivers, because every warehouse and supermarket across the country needs a regular raft of drivers almost around the clock to cope with the constant flow of deliveries and dispatches.


How old do you have to be to drive a forklift?

Age is a significant factor when anyone thinks about forklift licence requirements. Technically, anyone old enough to leave school can be a forklift truck driver, but it’s rare that employers will hire anyone under the age of 18. For that reason, it’s fine to train when you’re 17, but the closer to 18 you are the more chance you have of getting straight into employment when you qualify.  The place you’re driving the forklift will also dictate the law around the age you need to be. Because the licence – like HGV licences – is linked to the weight of the vehicle, the fact that a forklift is heavy and lifts heavy loads means there are age limitations despite the fact that they’re smaller vehicles.

If forklifts drive on the road, there are additional laws and regulations. that need to be followed too.  


forklift licence requirements

Can you drive a forklift without a driver’s license?

Driving a forklift truck doesn’t require a driving licence, but it’s essential to get a proper certified Forklift Training which are accredited to either RTITB, ITSAAR, ALLMI, NPORS or AITT. This is one of the most important forklift licence requirements when it comes to employment. Employers will want to see a certificate from a highly recognised training institute due to the potentially dangerous nature of these vehicles in the hands of anyone who isn’t properly trained. The exception to this rules is if you want or need to drive a forklift truck on a public road, in which case a full UK driving licence may be required, and you’ll need to obey all standard road regulations.

What licence laws govern forklift driving?

All forklift drivers need to abide by the laws of the road if they drive on public highways. Drivers must all be a minimum of 18 to work in most warehouses because of health and safety regulations. All drivers must be trained to a competent level, and it’s the employers’ responsibility to ensure this, so they may send new drivers on training courses to make absolutely sure they can operate a forklift safely. Finally, forklift drivers must legally be healthy and well enough to operate this potentially dangerous piece of machinery without causing harm to themselves or others. This final point may mean a medical exam is needed by an employer before the job begins.

However, it must be pointed out that, because of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, many disabilities won’t be considered a barrier to the job if the employer is able to make adjustments that help disabled people to do the job safely.


telescopic forklift training 1

What are the main forklift safety rules?

When learning to drive a forklift for the first time, you’ll probably be surprised at the way it operates.  Forklift trucks tend to move backwards almost as much as they move forwards, so learning to drive in reverse for visibility when carrying large loads is a big part of the job. Turning in a forklift is very different to turning in a car, and you’ll learn the steering as well as how to brake safely in an emergency. You’ll need to look out for hazards all the time, including other workers on foot, other forklifts, racking, loads and more, and you’ll learn how to safely assess your environment as you drive.

forklift safety rules

Weather conditions can be harsh and you may have to drive outside, so you’ll learn how to keep firm control of your vehicle at all times. Finally, loading and unloading are a big part of the forklift driver’s job, so you’ll learn how to do this safely, as well as learning your weight limits and the height and angle of your truck’s reach. If you’d like to find out more about the safety rules of driving a forklift, we’ve gathered some must-read tips from forklift experts to get you started. If You have any doubts on forklift licence requirements and need more information, for free advise please call us on our Call Free Number 08000315765 , our expert advisers are always ready to help. 


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