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HGV drivers are not just transporting goods in their vehicles, they’re also controlling a large and potentially dangerous vehicle – dangerous only if not properly checked and driven.  Any good driver will not only drive with care and attention but will also take every possible measure to ensure their vehicle is safe before they climb aboard.

There is a specific procedure for this, a series of observations known as the HGV driver’s walk around checks.

HGV Drivers’ Walk Around Checks Procedure

The walk around check comprises a series of specific observations of certain parts of your vehicles. It has been designed to catch any potential problems before you hit the road, ensuring you’re driving a safe and secure vehicle. All these points will be explained and covered in your HGV training course when you sign up with HGVT. 

This checking process is for your own safety as well as that of other road users so you should never ever skip it. 

HGV Drivers’ Walk Around Checks

If you’re unable to view the image, please click here to download the HGV Drivers’ Walk around Checks PDF

1. Mirrors and glass

Check they’re not cracked or obscured with stickers, that you can see them properly and they’re not steamed up. Check also that the mirrors are pointing the right way to give you the best visibility.

2. Brakes

Check that the brakes and brake lines work.

3. Front view

Check your windscreen is clear and not obscured by anything within your cab, and that you have a full view.

4. Steering

Check your steering wheel moves properly and doesn’t jam.

5. Horn

Check your horn works properly.

6. Engine exhaust

Check that your exhaust isn’t emitting an excessive amount of smoke.

7. Windscreen wipers and washers

Check that your wipers work properly and that you have enough washer fluid.

8. Warning lamp

Check that your warning lamp is working.

9. Lights and indicators

Check that all your lights and indicators are working properly.

10. Fuel/oil

Check you don’t have any fuel or oil leaks.

11. Coupling security

Check that your vehicle is coupled securely to your load.

12. Battery

Check that your battery is secure and is in good condition.

13. Body/wings

Check that your vehicle’s body and wing mirrors are secure and that there’s nothing that could fall off or come loose in transit. That includes the bumper and grill.

14. Spray suppression

Check that your spray suppression measures are properly attached and functioning.

15. Tyres and wheels

Check that tyres and wheels are securely fixed, all nuts are tight enough, and that tyre treads and pressure are within the legal range.

16. Reflectors

Check that reflectors are attached and visible.

17. Markers

Check that markers are attached and visible.

18. Number plate

Check that number plate is attached and visible.

19. Doors

Check that all of your doors are secure

20. Load

Check that the load is secure and evenly distributed, and not making your vehicle lean to one side and isn’t too heavy for your vehicle pulling it towards the ground.

21. Electrical connections

Check that all electrical parts of the vehicle are working properly.

What Happens If I Don’t Do The HGV Drivers’ Walk Around Checks?

If you don’t check your vehicle as required, you could face penalties, points on your licence, or even be taken off the road completely. And that’s just the legal repercussions. If you drive while there’s a problem with your vehicle, and you don’t check it or take steps to report it right away, you could be involved in a serious accident that could have been prevented.



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