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COURSE IN Derbyshire

Derbyshire has the distinction of being recognised around the world as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Hundreds of years later, the economy still reflects that heritage with a strong manufacturing presence that includes big names such as Rolls-Royce and Toyota. Yet even the largest manufacturers rely heavily on a robust logistics industry to transport finished goods, manufacturing components, and industrial supplies. Without the dedication and hard work of HGV drivers, manufacturing would struggle to survive.

We are proud to offer HGV training in Derbyshire as one way we can help support the logistics industry. As you may know, haulage and transport companies around the country are desperate to hire enough new drivers to fill open positions and accommodate driver retirements. Some estimates say the industries could need a combined 100,000 drivers or more by the end of the decade.

Now is the perfect time to start HGV training in Derbyshire. Why? Because drives are in demand. As companies seek to find and retain qualified drivers, the competition is driving up wages and adding to job security. A good driver who meets his or her employer’s expectations should have no worries about salary and future security. And, of course, there is also plenty of room for advancement into dispatching, fleet management, and even driver education and instruction.

HGV Training in Derbyshire

Obtaining the Right Kind of Licence

The HGV Training Centre is not limited only to HGV training in Derbyshire. We offer all sorts of training programmes for professionals of all kinds. For example, the following four licence categories are the ones we most often deal with:

  • Category C – The Category C licence allows drivers to operate vehicles heavier than 7,500 kg with trailers of up to 750 kg. This is the most common licence for drivers of articulated lorries, tipper trucks, and so on.
  • Category C+E – This licence is intended for drivers who operate vehicles heavier than 7,500 kg with trailers in excess of 750 kg. Drivers with the Category C+E can operate the largest lorries and heaviest construction equipment.
  • Category D1 – Professional minibus drivers will typically earn either a Category D1 or D1+E licence. The only difference between the two is that the latter allows for towing trailers.
  • Category D – Professional bus and coach drivers will possess a Category D licence. This licence is good for all forms of PCV driving except in cases where it is necessary to tow a trailer with a coach or bus. Adding a trailer to the equation requires a Category D+E licence.

One of the first things we do when working with new students is help them determine what kind of licence they need. There’s no point in training for an HGV licence if you want to drive coaches or buses. Likewise, the minibus licence does not help anyone who wants to drive articulated lorries. We help students figure out what they need according to the careers they want to pursue.

We Provide the Right Kind of Instruction

Despite differences in the licences themselves, commercial driver training for all of the above licence categories is fairly similar. Government regulations require a certain amount of training followed by four separate tests a candidate must pass in order to get a licence. The purpose of our training is to prepare students for those tests.

The theory test is the first one drivers will take. It is a two-part test that can be taken in the same session or separate sessions, but both parts must be passed within two years to remain valid. The first part of the test is a multiple choice exam involving 100 questions of which one must get 85 correct. The second part of the test requires the driver to identify 20 developing hazards using 19 realistic videos.

We teach students the information they need to know in order to pass both parts of the theory test. But we also go one step further. We provide our students with a free software package that gives them access to real test questions and practice tests. They can prepare exclusively with this software or combine it with our theory test preparation class.

The remaining three tests required under Driver CPC regulations are the case studies, driving skills, and practical demonstration tests. Each requires its own body of knowledge and skill sets. But no worries, drivers who complete our training programme are fully prepared to take and pass the tests on the first try.

Fast and Effective Training

Our HGV training in Derbyshire is predicated on the knowledge that students want to get going on their careers as soon as they can. They are not interested in spending years sitting in a classroom acquiring knowledge for which they will never have need. That’s why we do not operate that way. Instead, we concentrate training into a very short amount of time so that new drivers can get on with their lives.

Just how short is the required training time? That depends on how quickly you learn. As a general rule, however, most of our students successfully complete training in just a few weeks. Before you doubt whether or not you can do so, consider this: you already have a basic command of driving as evidenced by holding a Category B licence. Our training builds on that basic understanding to prepare you to be a professional driver. You are not starting from scratch; we will not treat you as such.

Building Block Learning

We have developed a training strategy based on the building block approach. To help you understand this, imagine building a large house made entirely of bricks. How would you do it? By laying one brick at a time in short succession. The task of laying each brick is fairly minor in terms of the effort required. But over time, continually laying bricks in succession results in a complete structure that are both strong and beautiful. Our HGV training in Derbyshire works the same way.

Rather than overwhelming our students with too much information all at once, we work in short, concentrated segments. Each topic we tackle is like a single brick in the house. Students tackle one topic at a time with a minimal amount of stress, building one concept upon another until training is complete.

For the record, the way we train is rather fast-paced and intense. But we have discovered that in so doing we are able to take advantage of short-term memory. Our students can retain information and recall it at test time thanks to our proven training approach.

Ready to Get You Started

Students who train with us pass their tests on the first attempt at a rate that is consistently above 90%. Our higher than average success rates prove that our training strategy works. Our question to you is this: are you ready to get started on a training programme that will open up incredible doors of opportunity? Are you ready to get to work as a professional HGV driver? If so, HGV training in Derbyshire is the first step.

The HGV Training Centre is the largest provider of commercial driver training in the UK. We enjoy a solid reputation as a training company that delivers what we promise. If you want to know more about HGV training in Derbyshire, feel free to contact us right away.

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HGV training Services (HGVT) trains over 200 people per month. We are the UK’s largest specialist vehicle training company, training for some of the UK’s biggest organisations.

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