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COURSE IN Inverclyde

Residents in Scotland have no shortage of choices when it comes to university education or vocational training programmes. Here at the HGV Training Centre, we include ourselves in the list of vocational training choices by way of our HGV training in Inverclyde. Our Inverclyde facility is one of more than four dozen training centres located throughout Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

HGV training is vocational training in the sense that it prepares students to get the commercial driving licences they need to work as lorry, bus, or coach drivers. What makes our training different is that it does not take an exceptionally long time to complete. We have devised a fast-paced and intense training approach that can be completed in a matter of weeks, as long as one learns quickly and is committed to the learning process.

Part of the HGV training in Inverclyde

That said, we welcome students who need longer to complete the classes. We would rather allow those students requiring more time to take longer rather than pushing them into testing they are not ready for. At the end of the day, our goal is that each and every student who passes through our doors approaches testing with confidence AND passes on the first try. And for the record, more than 90% of our students do just that.

Our Training Process Explained

We use a variety of terms to describe our unique training process. For example, we call it ‘fast-paced and intense’ as a means of contrasting it with the kind of training you might get in a university degree programme. Where university classes can be incredibly long and cumbersome, each of our classes is fast and concentrated. We present information in bite size chunks to make it easier to understand and retain.

Our training programme has also been described as ‘building block’ learning. What does this mean? Think of it in terms of building any of the historic stone castles of old. Scotland has plenty of them, for sure. However, none of them was built instantly. Construction involves laying one stone on top of another and joining everything together with mortar. Eventually, this building block approach results in a completed structure.

Our training works in a similar manner. Each concept we teach is like a single stone in a castle. We lay foundational concepts in our HGV theory preparation class and then build on those concepts one lesson at a time. At the conclusion of training, we have a complete structure comprised of all the information and knowledge students need to be successful.

The key to building block learning is quick succession. In other words, we jump right into the next concept as soon as the previous one has been learned. This accomplishes two things. First of all, it enables our students to connect each successive concept with the previous one, increasing overall conceptual comprehension. Second, it improves retention and recall by gradually allowing students to see the complete picture of what they are learning.

Training for Your Tests

No training approach would be effective if they did not prepare students to take their tests with confidence. There are no worries in this arena when you take our HGV training in Inverclyde. We train specifically to the tests. For the record, there are four tests every new driver must pass in order to get a licence. These are:

  • Theory Test – This is the first test you will take at the start of training. It is a two-part test that examines your knowledge of highway safety and ability to spot developing hazards. It utilises a combination of multiple choice questions and computer-based videos.
  • Case Studies Test – Government examiners need to know that candidates possess the right mental skills to be successful drivers. That is the point of the case studies test. Candidates are presented with a number of scenarios covering topics they are likely to encounter in the workplace. Each scenario includes multiple-choice questions that gauge how the candidate would respond in a real-world setting.
  • Driving Skills Test – Every commercial driving candidate must demonstrate he or she has the physical and mental skills to safely drive commercial vehicles. This is also a two-part test that involves driving on public roads with the examiner in the vehicle and solo driving at the testing facility.
  • Practical Demonstration Test – The final test in the CPC regimen is the ‘show me, tell me’ practical demonstration test. It covers all the topics included in the Driver CPC syllabus. Candidates must answer questions utilising a combination of verbal responses and physical demonstrations.

Passing all four tests results in a driver obtaining both the commercial driving licence and the CPC qualification card. The qualification card must be carried by the driver whenever he or she is working. Furthermore, it must be produced at the request of police officers, DVLA officers, and anyone else with an enforcement authority.

Ongoing Driver Training

As long as we are talking about CPC qualification cards, this is a good opportunity to talk about the ongoing driver training we offer. Our HGV training in Inverclyde goes above and beyond the initial training to include a long list of classes professional drivers need to meet CPC requirements.

According to the law, the CPC qualification card is only good for five calendar years. It must be renewed in the fifth year by taking 35 hours of additional CPC training. A driver who fails to get the extra training in time to renew an expired card is no longer allowed to continue driving professionally. We make it easy to renew by offering a series of training classes approved by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT). And by the way, we are a licenced provider of such training. You can find our licence number and the JAUPT logo at the bottom of any page on our website.

We appreciate the fact that some of the drivers who complete our HGV training in Inverclyde return in later years to get their additional CPC training. That tells us we are doing something right. They trust us enough to provide the ongoing training they need to continue working because we have proven ourselves in the past.

Start the Process Today

You can begin the training process today by contacting us for more information about our HGV training in Inverclyde. We can answer all of your questions or, if you are ready now, register you for the next class in your local area. New classes are scheduled on a regular basis to account for all of the drivers we train on a monthly basis.

Registering with us means you will immediately be given two information packets along with a software package. The information packets pertain to the HGV medical exam and provisional entitlement. We can help you complete your paperwork and submit it to the proper authorities; we can also help you find a doctor offering low-cost medical exams near you. As for the software, you can use it to prepare for the HGV theory test. It includes both practice test and actual questions taken from previous exams.

Companies in Inverclyde are desperate for qualified HGV and PCV drivers. Your opportunity to get one of those jobs starts with undergoing HGV training in Inverclyde. If you are ready to work, we are ready to train you and help you find a job.

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