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COURSE IN Isle of Wight

Most people in the UK know the Isle of Wight as a tourist destination and the home of some very well-to-do celebrities and government leaders. As such, we do not usually associate England’s largest island with a bustling economy requiring heavy doses of commercial traffic. But reality says otherwise. There is enough going on there that we decided to establish HGV training in the Isle of Wight.

Manufacturing on the island is no longer as strong as it used to be, but there’s still a solid base for composite manufacturing that supports various aspects of the marine industry. The retail sector on the island is also strong, thanks to tourism still being the number one economic driver of the region. Between the manufacturing, tourism, and retail, there is plenty of truck traffic bringing consumer goods, equipment, and supplies to the island.

HGV training on the Isle of Wight

As a professional lorry driver, you could have the opportunity to sign on with an employer that provides regular service to the Isle of Wight. You would have the pleasure of travelling to England’s most famous island and seeing part of the country most other people will never visit. That is just one of the many perks of getting your commercial driving licence. If you are interested in our HGV training in the Isle of Wight, there is no better time than now to find out more.

Our Isle of Wight training is similar to the HGV training we conduct all over the UK. It is training designed to teach our students those things they need to know to get a Category C or Category D licence. The former is for articulated lorries and other types of cargo and construction vehicles; the latter is for coaches and buses.

Understanding Licence Categories

All of the new drivers undergoing our HGV training in the Isle of Wight will be after one of four specific licences. We can help you determine which licence you will need based on the kinds of vehicles you hope to drive. Most of our students obtain the Category C licence; it covers articulated lorries, bin lorries, box trucks, and other similar lorries.

Licence categories are determined by the weight and size of the vehicles they are assigned to. As such, the heaviest of lorries and heavy construction equipment may require a Category C+E licence to operate. There is a similar licence for bus and coach drivers, the Category D+E.

If you want to get a good idea of the kind of licence you would need without having to call and speak to one of our training specialists, just take a look at the left side of any page on our website. You will find a licence class chart that offers a visual representation of commercial vehicles and their associated licences. You can also visit the GOV.UK website for complete list of all driving licence categories.

Yes, You Need Training

In a perfect world, you could get a commercial driving licence simply by passing a written exam and paying a fee. But the world is anything but perfect. That means you need to undergo training if you hope to get a licence. There are three very important reasons this is so:

  • CPC Regulations – Since 2008, the UK has been operating under EU CPC regulations for granting commercial driving licences. The CPC mandate makes it necessary to undergo at least a minimum amount of training to earn a licence and qualification card. In simple terms, it is not possible to get your driving licence without some training.
  • Testing Mandates – Along with CPC training, there are a series of four tests drivers must take and pass in order to get their licences. Trust us when we say it is virtually impossible to pass these tests without some sort of formal training. The one exception might be the HGV theory test; many of our students prepare by themselves without taking a class.
  • Driver Challenges – Lastly, driving heavy commercial vehicles is challenging, to say the least. The fact that you can successfully navigate a city car on the Isle of Wight does not mean you can do the same with an articulated lorry or tipper truck. HGVs are harder to handle, harder to control, and subject to a lot of variables (like weather and road conditions) that can easily present a dangerous situation.

In years past, it may have been possible to get a commercial driving licence without formal training. That is no longer the case. The good news is that training does not take a long time. When you register for our HGV training in the Isle of Wight, you will be signing up for a programme that you can complete in a matter of weeks. It’s not like you will be signing up for a four-year university programme.

What to Expect from Us

Every student who takes classes at the HGV Training Centre has a right to expect certain things from us. Students are paying customers; they have a reasonable expectation of receiving what they are paying for in an environment that is suitable for its intended purposes. Rest assured that we strive to make sure all of our students are also satisfied customers.

Should you choose to train with us, and we hope you will, you can expect the following:

  • Experienced Instructors – We believe the best instructors to teach our students are men and women who have actually worked in the road haulage and transport industries. Most of our instructors are former industry professionals; some still work part-time as drivers. Our choice of instructors means you get the best possible training that incorporates real world experience.
  • Administrative Assistance – There are administrative tasks involved with obtaining a commercial driving licence. For example, there is paperwork that has to be completed and submitted to the proper authorities. We assist our students in order to ensure these tasks are done in a timely manner.
  • Sound Advice – The HGV Training Centre employs a team of trained specialists who are tasked with the responsibility for guiding students throughout the training process. They are available specifically to answer questions and to provide sound advice about training and career opportunities.
  • Job Placement Assistance – We offer every student who completes our training programme job placement assistance. We not only train you to get a job but we also actually help you find one as well.
  • Personal Support – We believe it is necessary to the success of each student that we provide personalised support. If you are struggling at any time during training, you need only speak up. Our instructors will do whatever is necessary to help you overcome the challenges.
  • Affordable Training – We do our very best to keep our prices as low as possible. We utilise a variety of strategies in this endeavour, passing along all the savings we enjoy to our students. We believe our training is affordable for almost any budget.

In relation to our final point, please ask about financing when you call to register for our HGV training in the Isle of Wight. We work with a financing partner to make it possible for you to train today while paying for your training over time. Financing makes training possible for even the most modest of budgets.

There are companies out there looking for qualified HGV and PCV drivers to fill open jobs. As a resident of the Isle of Wight, you deserve every opportunity to get the training you need to become a professional. We make that possible at our Isle of Wight centre. One call is all it takes to get the information you need about training.

Contacting us today will enable us to get you registered for the very next class. We will get you started on your HGV medical and provisional entitlement paperwork, along with providing software you’ll need to prepare for the theory exam. You will then be able to complete your HGV training in the Isle of Wight before going on to find a job.

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