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HGVT has the largest network of training centres in the UK.
Our network ensures that 95% of the UK population is never more that one hour away from one of our centres.

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COURSE IN Lancashire

As a young person in Lancashire, you are just beginning to think about your career. You know there are a lot of great companies in the county to work for – especially in defence and manufacturing – but you are not necessarily the university type. You are also not the kind of person who would enjoy working in an office or doing retail. You want adventure. You want to be out and about, enjoying the countryside and the freedom of being somewhat independent. Perhaps you need to think about HGV training in Lancashire.

HGV training can prepare you to earn your commercial driving licence. With licence in hand, you can apply for jobs driving articulated lorries, bin lorries, tipper trucks, and all sorts of additional commercial vehicles. If you prefer bus or coach transport, you’re in luck: the HGV Training Centre offers PCV training as well.

Professional driving is your ticket to a successful and rewarding career that does not involve sitting in an office all day or standing at a cash register. It offers you the opportunity to enjoy a measure of independence – driver managers are not looking over your shoulder 8 to 10 hours every day. As long as you get where you’re going on schedule and in compliance with the law, you will have the opportunity to do your job without any interference.

It All Starts with Training

Driving is something you are already familiar with as the holder of the Category B licence for cars. But being able to drive a car doesn’t mean you are ready to drive a large, articulated lorry. You need training to adapt what you already know about driving to the commercial field. That is where we come in. Our HGV training in Lancashire teaches you everything you need to know to make the transition from Category B to Category C or C+E. For the record, most lorry drivers have a Category C licence. The C+E licence is for the heaviest and largest HGVs and construction equipment.

Checking the taco in HGV training in Lancashire

Everything we impart to our students is required for them to pass the four tests of the Driver CPC regimen. The information and skills all fall under one of the following three categories:

  • Driving Skills – Driving skills are what everyone thinks about when they hear the phrase ‘HGV training’. This category of information includes everything you need to know about the physical operation of commercial vehicles. It also includes the practice you will need to do it right. We will teach you how to steer, brake, shift gears, and even reverse a trailer into a loading dock.
  • Driving Theory – There is a lot of information pertaining to large commercial vehicles that can only be learned in the classroom. This information falls into the category of driving theory. As an example, how much do you know about the physics of weight and motion? Most people know very little. But it turns out that physics plays a crucial role in safe driving. We teach our students the physics in order to keep them safe.
  • Practical Skills – CPC requirements dictate that drivers possess certain skills that are indirectly related to professional driving. Safely loading cargo, preventing illegal migration, and conducting walkaround checks are just a few examples. We impart this knowledge to drivers so that they can successfully pass the associated test.

Professional driving is far too complicated for us to teach absolutely everything that a driver will need to know throughout his or her entire career. A lot of what a driver learns is learned on the job, specific to the kinds of vehicles he/she operates and the cargo being carried. What we do at the HGV Training Centre is teach the skills and knowledge students need to pass the required tests.

Why We Do What We Do

We want to be perfectly honest with you: our HGV training in Lancashire is focused squarely on the four tests you will need to pass to get a licence. We train to the tests – we make no apologies for that. But we do want to explain why we do what we do. It is a matter of doing what is best for our students.

We could put our students through a long and cumbersome training programme consisting of long lectures and plenty of book reading. We could keep our students in training for 6 to 12 months in order to charge the highest possible price. But we do not. And we don’t for several reasons:

  • Cost – First and foremost, we strive to be a low-cost provider of HGV training so that just about anyone can access the classes we offer. Cost is a major barrier to new drivers into the industry, and we do not want to be part of putting barriers in place. We keep our training as short as possible to keep our prices low.
  • Testing Matters – Next, government examiners will not care how long you’ve been in training. They will not care how many books you have read or how many hours you spent listening to lectures. They will only care about one thing – can you pass the required exams? If you can, you get your licence.
  • Limited Capacity – There is a reason university degree programmes take between two and four years to complete: people are limited in their ability to learn with a given amount of time. We understand that. Therefore, we see no point in putting our students through education programmes that do not pertain to testing inasmuch as we would have to keep them in school for two or three years. Much of that extemporaneous training can be learned on the job; there’s no reason for us to include in our classes.

Our commitment to low-cost classes and teaching to the tests has made us the UK’s largest provider of commercial driver training. That is just the way we like it. When we established our company, it was with the goal of getting as many new drivers into the industry as humanly possible. Our company was started by industry experts desiring to do their part to alleviate the ongoing driver shortage. We have been successful in that mission thus far; we intend to continue being successful.

We Train, You Work

Our HGV training in Lancashire is designed to get you your licence and get you to work as quickly as possible. We are proud to be a low-cost training company with an excellent track record of success. How successful are we? More than 90% of our students pass their exams on the first try. Compare that with the average pass rate for the LGV test – about 55% – and it is clear we know what we are doing.

Completing training will result in you obtaining the HGV licence you have worked so hard for. Then you can start looking for work right away. And by the way, we will help you in that endeavour as well. All of our successful students receive job placement assistance from the HGV Training Centre. Not only do we prepare you to work, we actually help you find a job.

Lastly, we want to make you aware of our financing package. You already know that we strive to be a low-cost provider of HGV training in Lancashire, but we also work with a financing partner to guarantee our training is accessible to as many people as possible. Our financing package allows you to pay for your training over time so that you can start today – even if you do not have the cash lying around. And because jobs are so plentiful in the UK, most of our drivers have no problem repaying their loans. Be sure to ask about financing when you contact us to register for HGV training Lancashire.

of HGV / LGV / PCV Training

HGV training Services (HGVT) trains over 200 people per month. We are the UK’s largest specialist vehicle training company, training for some of the UK’s biggest organisations.

  • Over 60 HGV Training Courses Centres across the UK
  • We train for some of the biggest organisations in the UK, including HSS Hire, Hackney Council, Enterprise PLC, DHL, the DWP and Job Centre Plus
  • Get your HGV driver licence in under a week
  • One of the highest pass rates in the UK
  • Access to 1000’s of jobs via our unique Jobs Portal
  • Super-competitive prices across the board - save £££’s with daily discounts.


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