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HGV training centre is Not just UK's but Manchester's best HGV & PCV training provider. The one-stop location for all your HGV/LGV training needs.

Here at HGVT, we believe in keeping things simple. That’s why we have tailor-made HGV training packages which include only the elements of the training you need, and we manage the entire process LGV/HGV training in Manchester for you. Our state of the art training materials will give you the best possible chance of passing your tests. With only a £10 deposit we can start you on one of our HGV/LGV training programmes and be well on your way to a new and exciting career. Our most common training package includes Medical, theory, practical training & CPC. But if you have already got started and only looking for practical training, we can do that for you as well. With our 92% pass rate, we are confident to get you through the course in no time. 

HGV Licences we offer
in Manchester

Cat c
Cat C+E
Cat C1

We are open from
Monday to Friday 9am- 6pm


How to Get Started

Hopefully, our explanation of HGV training in Manchester has sparked your interest. If so, getting started is very easy. You simply contact us on our freephone number and speak with one of our training consultants. We will explain everything you need to know along with providing details about class registration and schedules.

Should you decide to train with us, and we hope you will, we will provide you with your starter pack straightaway:

  • Medical Package – Your medical package will include the paperwork you will need for your HGV medical exam. Our bookings team will get in touch with you with in 24 hours of your sign up. With our network of local GP's we can book your medical test in y our local area.
  • Entitlement Package – Your entitlement package includes the application information you will need to apply for your provisional entitlement. Once you pass your medical test our bookings team will be happy to help you complete and submit the paperwork if you require assistance.
  • Training Software – We provide all of our new students with training software designed to prepare them for the HGV theory test. This software includes questions taken from previous tests as well as a number of practice tests that will get you used to the testing environment. 

The first steps in the training process are to undergo a medical exam, apply for your provisional entitlement, and prepare for the theory test while you wait for the entitlement to arrive in the post. You can take a theory test preparation class if you want to. When you eventually do take the test, you must score 85 on the first part and 67 on the second part to pass. You can then move on to practical skills training.

This training involves both classroom and hands-on training. In just a few weeks’ time, you should be ready to take the final two tests required to get your licence. Pass those two tests and you will have both your licence and your initial CPC qualification card. You will be able to start looking for work right away.

 We also believe that you shouldn’t be left to suffer the burden of looking for jobs once you pass. That’s why we have a fully fledged recruitment team at your disposal who will help you once pass your tests. We have also teamed up with some of the best recruitment agencies in the sector the your chances of being employed. Upon completion of your training course you will receive a pass pack which will have all of the details of how you can get in touch. They will work with you and arrange potential interviews which takes a lot of the pressure off you! 

What Our Customers Say

Dany M

If you're looking to get your class 2 licence first time, hgv training school is the one you need. Teh staff was very helpful and friendly. helped me to get through teh entire training in no time. Thanks to mark at the recruit centre i have managed to get job after 2 weeks of getting my licence.

HGV Jobs in Manchester

Class 2 /Cat C driver

£23,000 - £27,000 / year
CPC required

Class 1 /Cat C+E driver

£32,000 - £40,000 / year
CPC required

Any Questions?

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly course advisors and always happy to help. 


We are open from
Monday to Friday 9am- 6pm


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