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Our network ensures that 95% of the UK population is never more that one hour away from one of our centres.

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COURSE IN Merseyside

Merseyside’s location in North West England makes it a great place to live for people who enjoy the Irish Sea coast. The area is also a great place to locate a business, being near Manchester, Cheshire, and north-east Wales. We have established our HGV training in Merseyside in order to take advantage of everything this great region has to offer.

As a provider of commercial driver training, we fully understand how important it is to address the severe driver shortage the haulage and transport industries are experiencing right now. Addressing the shortage was one of the primary motivations for starting our company years ago. Since the inception of the HGV Training Centre, we have been training hundreds of new drivers every month. We can train you as well.

We are the largest provider of commercial driver training in the UK because we deliver what we promise. Training with us means training with one of the best companies in the business, in a programme that does not waste your time or money. We offer high-quality training with an equally high pass rate that sees most of our students finish up and get to work in less time than it takes to complete a single university semester.

We Know What Testers Want

We are confident in talking about our high pass rate because our numbers prove that the way we train works. More than 90% of the students who train with us pass their tests on the first attempt, obtaining their licences and getting to work as quickly as possible.

You might be wondering how our pass rate compares to national averages. Fair enough. A look at the data from 2007 shows that over the last eight years, the average pass rate for the LGV practical test has been about 55%. It should be clear that our training gets the results our students or after. If you want training that prepares you to take and pass your tests on the first go, we are your first choice.

Lorry on the docks on Merseyside for HGV training

How do we achieve such a high pass rate when the national average is so low? By knowing what government testers want and making sure students are prepared to deliver. We do not waste time trying to teach students things that are not required for testing; we leave those things for on-the-job training. Rather, we focus squarely on the four tests needed to get a commercial driving licence:

  • Theory Test – A two-part test involving 100 multiple-choice questions and 19 videos containing 20 developing hazards. Students must score an 85 on the first part and 67 on the second to pass.
  • Case Studies – This test involves a number of common scenarios the driver is likely to encounter in the workplace. A series of questions accompany each scenario.
  • Driving Skills – Another two-part test designed to assess the candidate’s driving skill. The first part involves driving on public roads with an examiner in the vehicle; the second part is solo driving on a closed course.
  • Practical Demonstration – A test designed to assess the candidate’s knowledge of the Driver CPC syllabus. It is a ‘show me, tell me’ test requiring both verbal answers and physical demonstrations.

By teaching to the tests, we accomplish two things. First, we make sure nothing is lacking in the driver’s skill set or body of knowledge. Everything that is covered on the four tests is first covered in our training. Furthermore, we provide personal support and assistance to every student so that the material is learned, understood, and retained.

Second, teaching to the tests puts our students in the position of confidence. Knowing they know the information means they can approach their tests with full confidence that they will pass on the first try. Confidence goes a long way toward ensuring success; we know that from experience.

One final thing to note in this regard is that we also teach students how to take tests. Believe it or not, there are right and wrong ways to do this. For example, the second part of the HGV theory test requires candidates to watch a series of 19 videos on a computer. Within those videos are 20 developing hazards they are expected to identify correctly and in a reasonable amount of time. Candidates use a touchscreen throughout the exam.

If you have never taken this kind of test before, it can be somewhat off-putting. That could cause stress that would produce a failing performance even though the candidate really does know the information. To avoid this kind of scenario, we give our students software that allows them to take practice tests at home. We also offer them instruction in the classroom. The combination of both teaches them how to take the test using strategies that will virtually guarantee they pass.

How We Train Students Quickly

You may have already read elsewhere on this website that our HGV training can be completed in a matter of weeks. That has you wondering how we can do things so quickly and still end up with a 90%+ pass rate. The answer lies in our fast-paced and intense training approach.

When you register for HGV training in Merseyside, you will be signing up for a training programme that is extremely concentrated and focused. However, the way we present information ensures that the process is not overwhelming. The best way to think of it is to compare it to building a house out of bricks.

It doesn’t take long at all to lay a single brick, does it? With every brick laid, another can be added in quick and steady succession. By the time all of the bricks have been laid you have a complete structure that is both sound and functional. Our training works the same way.

We present information to drivers in small segments, comparable to individual bricks. Each segment is learned and applied very quickly. We then present the next segment, and the next, and so on. All of the information learned throughout the various segments is connected in much the same way bricks are connected with mortar. In no time at all, we have a completed training programme resulting in students with the body of knowledge and skill sets needed to pass their tests.

This training approach has proven to work without forcing students to sit through long lectures or study for courses that could take months to complete. Let’s face it, you already know how to drive as evidenced by the fact that you have a Category B licence to drive a car. Our training is not starting from scratch; it is taking the knowledge and skills you already possess and adding to them so that you can drive large, commercial vehicles.

It’s Time to Get to Work

The UK economy is finally expanding again after so many years of recession. As such, the haulage and transport industries are also seeing a steady increase in business. More business and a wave of retirements among older drivers mean we are short tens of thousands of licenced drivers. In simple terms, the logistics industry needs you. Now is the time to sign up for HGV training in Merseyside so that you can get to work.

Professional driving is an excellent career choice with plenty to offer. New drivers can expect competitive pay along with additional opportunities to earn certifications that could result in higher salaries. Drivers also enjoy unparalleled job security. With the driver shortage as severe as it is, you will never have to worry about being out of work if you do your job and obey the law.

Our HGV training in Merseyside is accepting new students on a regular basis. We invite you to contact us for more information. If cost is an issue for you, let us put your mind at ease by explaining that we offer financing on every one of our classes. Be sure to ask about it when you contact us.

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HGV training Services (HGVT) trains over 200 people per month. We are the UK’s largest specialist vehicle training company, training for some of the UK’s biggest organisations.

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