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COURSE IN North Lanarkshire

How would you describe North Lanarkshire to an outsider who has never been there? Most people would probably describe the area as a major part of the Glasgow commuter belt. As such, people who live in North Lanarkshire are quite likely to work either directly in the city or for a company that does business in Scotland’s largest city.

What does this mean to you? It means there is plenty of work available in the region should you decide to undergo HGV training in North Lanarkshire and earn your commercial driving licence. There are now tens of thousands of open driving positions all across the UK; a fair percentage of them are in Glasgow and its neighbouring communities. You could have one of those jobs if you had a licence. We can help you get that licence.

Most professional lorry drivers have a Category C licence enabling them to drive all sorts of commercial vehicles. Some have category C+E licences for the heaviest lorries and construction equipment. We can help you figure out what licence is best for you when you contact us for more information. If you prefer driving a coach or bus instead of a lorry, that’s fine too. We offer training for Category D and D+E licences.

A commercial driving licence is your ticket to a rewarding job as a professional driver. What’s more, it does not take years to get a licence. When you register for our HGV training in North Lanarkshire, you will be signing up for a training programme that takes less time than one semester of university.

3 Reasons You Need Training

It used to be the drivers could sign up to take the LGV practical test without ever undergoing formal training. The government did not care, just as long as the candidate possessed the skills to safely manoeuvre an HGV on public roads. But things have changed over the last decade. New Driver CPC rules make it harder to obtain a commercial driving licence and to keep it from year-to-year. Now you cannot get a licence without undergoing at least some training.

Professional LGV driving session on North Lanarkshire roads

With that said, here are three reasons you need training to get your licence:

  • CPC Rules – No one can get a commercial driving licence without also obtaining a CPC qualification card. Getting the card requires a minimum of 35 hours of training. If you did nothing else, this CPC training is the minimum you could get away with. No training means no licence.
  • Skills Requirements – You also need training to learn and develop the necessary skills to be safe. Despite what you may have been told, driving an HGV is not a job anyone could do. If that were the case, the industry would not currently be short tens of thousands of drivers. Professional driving requires certain skills that can only be obtained through training and practice.
  • Government Testing – The third reason you need training is one of government testing. In other words, there are four tests all new drivers are expected to pass before they can get a licence. It is virtually impossible to pass these tests without formal training. It can be done, but doing so is extremely rare.

You have multiple options for HGV training in North Lanarkshire. Choosing the right training company could mean the difference between you getting your licence quickly or struggling for month after month to learn what you need to learn. The most important thing for you to know about the HGV Training Centre is that we deliver results.

We Are Fast-Paced and Intense

We like to refer to our HGV training in North Lanarkshire as a ‘crash course’ for future professionals. Our use of the term ‘crash course’ is intended to illustrate the speed of our training. The training itself can be completed in just a few weeks by most students who learn quickly and apply themselves. The entire process – including your initial medical exam, submitting provisional entitlement paperwork, and taking the tests – can be completed in under two months.

The key to our speed is the training methodology we have developed. It is methodology that takes advantage of short-term memory in order to ensure students pass their tests on the first try. The best way to understand how we teach is to consider how a child learns basic tasks, tasks like dressing oneself.

No parent sits a child down and presents a two-hour lecture about tying shoes or buttoning shirts. Any child subjected to such torture would never learn. Instead, the parent teaches the child one skill at a time. The child is taught to button a shirt for example, and then has plenty of opportunities to practice until he or she masters the task. Then parent and child move to the next task. The child who learns at even a moderate pace can learn to dress him/herself in rather short order.

This is exactly how our training works. We begin by teaching our students the basic concepts of driving theory. Concepts are introduced one at a time, mastered, and enhanced by the next concept in line. We move in quick succession to reinforce what students learn, thereby improving comprehension and retention.

Does this fast-paced teaching model work? Yes, it does. The first-time pass rate across all of our training programmes is consistently above 90%. Very few of our students have to repeat classes after failing exams.

A Step-By-Step Process to Earn Your Licence

The HGV Training Centre has a great reputation within the industry for offering high-quality training. We are immensely proud of that. In addition, our HGV training in North Lanarkshire serves to guide students through a step-by-step process on the way toward earning their licences. The process begins by registering for training.

When you register, we will immediately provide you with two information packs. The first pack is the medical pack; it includes the required medical paperwork along with the names and contact information of doctors who provide HGV medical exams. The second pack contains provisional entitlement paperwork and information.

Our support staff can assist you in completing the provisional entitlement application and submitting it in a timely manner. While you wait for your entitlement to arrive in the post, you will have ten days or more to prepare to take the HGV theory test. You can take our preparation class, prepare by yourself, or do both.

Receiving your provisional entitlement and getting a passing grade on the theory test allows you to progress to the next step: practical skills training. This training is conducted both in the classroom and behind the wheel. This is the portion of your HGV training in North Lanarkshire where you will actually learn how to safely drive commercial vehicles.

The fifth and final step is to take the driving skills and practical demonstrations tests at a testing facility. Passing both tests results in the awarding of the commercial driving licence you worked so hard to get. Rest assured that we will be with you every step of the way, even going so far as to send an instructor with you on the day of your final tests.

We urge you to learn more about HGV training in North Lanarkshire if you have ever considered a career as a professional driver. The training we offer will prepare you to pass your tests so that you can get to work as soon as possible.

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