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HGVT has the largest network of training centres in the UK.
Our network ensures that 95% of the UK population is never more that one hour away from one of our centres.

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COURSE IN North West Highlands

The north-west Highlands of Scotland offers one of the most stunning landscapes in all of Europe. There truly is no other place like it on earth. Imagine being able to travel through the incredible countryside of this region and be paid for doing it at the same time. Well, it turns out you can. All you need is a commercial driving licence and a job that takes you through the north-west Highlands.

HGV driving is a very rewarding career with plenty to offer. Drivers enjoy competitive pay, unparalleled job security, and an opportunity to be out and about every single day. There is no routine boredom when you work as a professional driver, that’s for sure. You can learn more when you contact us to inquire about HGV training in the north-west Highlands.

We are the largest provider of commercial driver training in the UK, with more than four dozen schools throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The size of our operation is such that we are able to provide high-quality training at very reasonable prices. But we believe what you will find most impressive is our intensive training process that prepares you to pass your tests in a very short amount of time.

While others embark on careers requiring a 2- to 4-year university degree, you can get your licence in under two months. Our training process only takes a few weeks to complete; the rest of the time involved in the process relates to testing and paperwork. All that extra time aside, you can complete training and have your licence faster than your friends can complete their first semester of university.

What We Mean by Intensive

We believe it is important that you understand what we mean when we describe our training as ‘intensive’. We are referring to the nature of our training approach inasmuch as it is purposely concentrated and focused primarily on the goal of preparing students to pass their tests. Think of it in much the same terms as training to be a professional athlete.

North West Highlands lorry driver training for truck jobs

The athlete focuses his mind and attention only on those things that will improve his performance. He is not concerned about extemporaneous things that only serve to distract him from his goal. Our training approach is very similar. We focus intensely on the requirements of the CPC testing regimen. We do not get distracted, nor do we allow our students to be distracted, by other things that can be learned on the job.

In order to get your commercial driving licence, you will need to pass the:

  • two-part HGV theory test
  • case studies test
  • two-part driving skills test
  • practical demonstration test.

Rest assured that your examiners will not be all that interested in how long it took to complete your training. They could not care less whether you trained for one month or 10 years – as long as you possess the skills and knowledge to demonstrate you deserve to hold a commercial driving licence. No licence will be awarded if you cannot pass.

We are all about making sure every driver who trains at one of our schools passes on the first try. Furthermore, we deliver. More than 90% of our drivers succeed. It is very rare for a student to have to repeat classes in order to pass a given test.

If you are concerned that you might not be able to handle the intensive nature of our training, let us set your mind at ease. Our instructors are trained to look for signs that a student might be struggling. If that is the case for you, our instructors and support staff will come alongside to offer any extra help and support you need to overcome your challenges. We will be with you every step of the way.

Training Is Fast-Paced

Intensive training is an excellent way to keep students focused on the goals at hand. Our HGV training in the north-west Highlands is further enhanced by applying a fast pace to learning. This may seem counter-intuitive, so allow us to explain.

If we simply presented information with an intense focus and concentration, things could quickly become overwhelming for students. One can only handle so much intensity within a particular time frame. So to prevent students from being overwhelmed, we limit the amount of information we present at any given time. In other words, information is presented in bite-size chunks that are more easily managed.

The key here is to present those bite-size pieces of information in quick succession. We teach one concept, give students a chance to master it, and then move right away to the next concept. This accomplishes several things:

  • Comprehension – Teaching individual concepts in quick succession reinforces learned information with every new concept added. This increases comprehension. Think of it in terms of building a brick house. Every brick is like one concept we teach, being laid one on top of another until the structure is complete.
  • Retention – Because our students learn quickly and in bite-size chunks, they are able to ‘connect the dots’ along the way. This increases retention by taking advantage of short-term memory. Students are surprised at the end of their training to learn how much they actually remember.
  • Recall – Improved comprehension and retention lead to better recall at testing time. In other words, if you understand and remember what you’ve learned, you are better able to answer questions correctly during exams. This is the ultimate goal of our HGV training in the north-west Highlands.

Our intense and fast-paced training approach has proven to work since the inception of the HGV Training Centre. It can work for you as well. You need only contact us through this website or on our freephone number to register for the next training class in your local area.

Your Career Is Waiting

Our company was established years ago based on a desire among the owners to help address the current driver shortage. That desire has not diminished one bit. We know the haulage and transport sectors are short tens of thousands of drivers right now, and shortages are only expected to get worse before they get better. We are doing our part by training hundreds of drivers every single month.

What does this mean to you? It means that your career is waiting for you. Right now, there are companies in the north-west Highlands and throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK in desperate need of your services. All you need to embark on your career as a professional driver is a willingness to work hard and a valid commercial driving licence. We can help you get your driving licence in short order; the willingness to work is entirely up to you.

In order to begin training, you will need to pass a routine medical exam and apply for a provisional entitlement. We will get you set up with the paperwork when you register for our HGV training in the north-west Highlands. We will also provide you with theory test preparation software and if you prefer, enrolment in our test preparation class. Provided you pass the medical exam and the theory test, you will be ready to move on to the practical skills training that will eventually result in you getting your licence.

of HGV / LGV / PCV Training

HGV training Services (HGVT) trains over 200 people per month. We are the UK’s largest specialist vehicle training company, training for some of the UK’s biggest organisations.

  • Over 60 HGV Training Courses Centres across the UK
  • We train for some of the biggest organisations in the UK, including HSS Hire, Hackney Council, Enterprise PLC, DHL, the DWP and Job Centre Plus
  • Get your HGV driver licence in under a week
  • One of the highest pass rates in the UK
  • Access to 1000’s of jobs via our unique Jobs Portal
  • Super-competitive prices across the board - save £££’s with daily discounts.


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