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COURSE IN North Yorkshire

Among all of the ceremonial counties of England, North Yorkshire enjoys a comparatively high standard of living, lower unemployment, and a lower rate of participation in the Job Seekers Allowance. Much of this is due to a strong tourism sector and the existence of a number of important technology companies. The county’s economy is doing well by most standards.

Having said that, what is true throughout England is also true in North Yorkshire. The economy would not be nearly as strong in the region if there were not a reliable logistics sector providing the necessary equipment, supplies, and consumer goods residents and businesses need. Even the tourist industry relies on logistics. The lorry and bus drivers traversing local roads daily are an important part of what makes North Yorkshire work.

The HGV Training Centre has established a facility for HGV training in North Yorkshire. We train drivers of all types to operate just about every commercial vehicle on the road. Most of our students earn a Category C licence to drive articulated lorries and box trucks, but we are not limited to just those two vehicles. We can train you to drive bin lorries, tipper trucks, cargo vans, buses, coaches, minibuses, ambulances, and heavy construction equipment. We even offer training for forklifts and caravans.

You should know that one of the secrets to our success is our intensive driving course. Our approach to training is one that takes advantage of short-term memory by moving quickly and presenting information in short bursts. We have found that this training works for more than 90% of our students. Whether or not it works for you depends on how you learn best. We invite you to contact us for more information about how we train.

Training for bin truck driving in North Yorkshire

3 Principals Behind Our Strategy

Other companies offer HGV training in North Yorkshire. They have their methods of training, which is fine. So we think it might be helpful for you to understand why we have chosen the training approach we utilise so that you can make a decision based on your learning style and future goals.

In short, our intensive training approach is based on the following three principles:

  • Short-Term Memory – Obtaining a commercial driving licence requires candidates to pass four separate tests as mandated by the Driver CPC regulations. We have found that the best way to prepare students to take the tests is to apply information in a way that activates short-term memory. This increases understanding, comprehension, and retention at testing time.
  • Quick Succession – What do you suppose happens to most people who sit through a long, two-hour lecture? It is human nature to stop paying attention early on, allowing one’s thoughts to wander in multiple directions. This results in only a fraction of the information being remembered. We prefer to present information in bite-sized chunks and quick succession. This keeps the attention of our students and enables them to learn significantly more information in the same amount of time.
  • Progressive Learning – Most of us learned maths by way of a progression that started with learning to count. From there we learned to add, subtract, and so on. This progressive manner of learning allows students to connect one principal to the next for maximum comprehension. Even though our training is intensive, it is also progressive. By the time students complete the classes, they have a full understanding of all the knowledge learned.

Any concerns that our intensive training approach doesn’t work are completely unnecessary. More than 90% of our students pass their exams on the first attempt, which is the main purpose behind training. Compare that to the national average for the LGV test – just 55% or so – and it’s clear that our training approach delivers as promised. By the time you finish your HGV training in North Yorkshire, you will be more than ready to get to work.

We Teach How to Test

It should be apparent from the description of our training approach that we teach to the tests. For example, the HGV theory test is a two-part test consisting of both videos and multiple-choice questions. Our test preparation class prepares students for the multiple-choice questions by imparting only that knowledge necessary to answer the questions. In essence, this portion of the class teaches the ‘what’. But we do not stop there. We also teach the ‘how’.

The video portion of the theory test requires the candidate to watch 19 videos on a computer. Within those 19 videos are 20 developing hazards that candidates are expected to identify correctly and in a reasonable amount of time. Candidates are scored based on the speed and accuracy of their responses.

This test can be quite challenging for people who are not used to the computer video format. Therefore, part of our preparation class involves taking actual practice tests involving computers and videos. Students get to experience what the test is like so that they are not surprised by it.

For the remaining three tests in the CPC regimen, we teach our students effective strategies for taking them. Let’s talk about the practical demonstration test as an example. This test is the last of the four, and it is taken upon completion of your formal HGV training. It consists of five questions taken directly from the Driver CPC syllabus. Answers must be given using a combination of verbal explanations and physical demonstrations.

Let’s say your examiner asked you about doing a proper walkaround check of your vehicle prior to departure. You would have to physically show the examiner how to do the check, explaining as you go what you are looking for and why you are looking for it. We teach our candidates how to do this consistently and correctly. If they are asked that question at exam time, they already know what the examiner is expecting in response.

Preparing Students for Success

The HGV Training Centre was founded on a mission to get as many new drivers into the logistics industries possible. With the industry now short tens of thousands of drivers, we believe part of our responsibility is to help mitigate that shortage. To that end, we want to teach our students how to succeed as professionals.

A big part of success is confidence. In other words, a confident driver is also a safer and more productive driver. Safe and productive drivers become valuable employees that companies want to retain.

Success does not hinge entirely on training, but training does play a very big role. Producing confident drivers who know their stuff is one way we can help our candidates succeed long after they leave school.

How important is confidence? Consider your experience driving in bad weather. Snow, rain, and wind all make driving more difficult. If you are like most of us, your level of anxiety rises when bad weather sets in. Our drivers learn how to safely drive in bad weather so that they can face it with confidence. That means they are less likely to become anxious, make unwise decisions, or otherwise find themselves in jeopardy.

The confidence we instil in our drivers pays huge dividends at testing time. That confidence continues to pay off throughout the driver’s career. It is so important that we make building confidence a priority in our training programmes. We not only teach our students what they need to know, but we also instil in them the confidence that they can actually do it.

Are you considering becoming a professional lorry driver? If so, the first step in the process is to contact us to register for HGV training in North Yorkshire. We will get you started right away. Just think, with a few weeks of your time and a minimal investment you could be licenced and on your way to joining the workforce.

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