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COURSE IN Oxfordshire

If you know anything about Oxfordshire, you know that the county has a tremendous reputation for education, printing and publishing, and high-performance motorsports. The main population centre of the county is the city of Oxford, home to both Oxford and Oxford Brookes universities. What you might not know is that the county’s position as a landlocked county in central England makes it a prime area for haulage and transport moving in virtually every direction.

The M40 traverses the county’s east side, running north to south, while major routes like the A14, A20 and A40 carry traffic east to west. Observing the traffic on any of these major roadways reveals a fair number of lorries and buses ferrying cargo and people to and from numerous destinations. Can you imagine what traffic would be like if none of those commercial vehicles were on the roads?

We established our HGV training in Oxfordshire because we are well aware of the importance of logistics to the health of the local economy. Our aim is to encourage as many new drivers as we can to enter the logistics field, whether in Oxfordshire or elsewhere in the UK. More drivers mean a quicker end to the current driver shortage and a more healthy and responsive logistics sector.

We can sign you up for HGV training in Oxfordshire as soon as you are ready. Our training programme offers the triple promise of quality training, convenience, and affordability. What’s more, the HGV Training Centre has a reputation for providing an unmatched commitment to students. Everything we do is predicated on the desire to make sure our students succeed at every level of their careers.

Oxfordshire driver training in lorry

Our Quality Training

Undergoing HGV training in Oxfordshire would not be of much value if it did not help students accomplish specific goals. In light of that, we believe one of the best measurements of quality is whether or not those goals are achieved.

What is the primary goal of HGV training? To prepare students to take and pass the four tests required to get a commercial driving licence. Those tests are:

  • HGV theory test
  • Case studies test
  • Driving skills test
  • Practical demonstration test.

Each of the four tests is scheduled at appropriate increments during the training process. Our classes are designed to ensure that students pass each of the tests on the first try. We see no justifiable reason to put future PCV and LGV drivers through classes multiple times just to pass when most of them can do it straightaway.

With that in mind, the quality of our training is evident in our first-time pass rate that consistently surpasses 90% across all of our training programmes. The vast majority of our drivers have no problem at testing time because they have learned everything they need to know to take their tests with confidence.

In addition to our high pass rate, there are other measures of quality you can consider:

  • Instructors – Who better to teach our students than former professionals who have actually spent time working in the profession? As far as we are concerned, there are no better teachers than those who have worked in the industry. That’s who we hire.
  • Administrative Support – The process of obtaining a commercial driving licence includes numerous administrative tasks that can be distracting to students. Therefore, we employ administrative support staff to assist students with these tasks.
  • Training Equipment – Some of our competitors save money by purchasing older equipment not necessarily indicative of what is used in the industry today. We don’t do that. We use only late-model equipment our students are likely to utilise once they get to work.
  • Personal Support – Our instructors and support staff are trained to spot students that might be struggling. In such a case, staff members come alongside the student to provide the extra support and help that person needs. We do whatever it takes to make sure students overcome their challenges.

As you can see, a lot goes into providing the quality HGV training in Oxfordshire we are known for. Rest assured we take our reputation seriously. We have no intention of allowing it to be tarnished by providing less-than-superior training services.

Our Convenient Training

Within just a few years of opening our first training facility, the HGV Training Centre managed to expand to more than four dozen facilities located throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This rapid expansion was neither random nor without purpose. Quite to the contrary, expansion was always in our plans in order to make training as convenient as possible for local residents. The more facilities we operate, the more convenient training becomes.

When you choose our HGV training Oxfordshire, you will not have to travel clear across the country just to obtain a commercial driving licence. You will not have to completely uproot your life for 3 to 6 months of training. Instead, you’ll be able to attend classes close to home. Regardless of where you live or work currently, there is likely an HGV Training Centre located nearby.

Hand-in-hand with our many locations is a training approach that has been specifically developed to get you in and out without wasting your time. Our HGV training in Oxfordshire takes only weeks to complete. The entire process – from the moment you submit your medical paperwork to that moment when the government examiner says you have passed the final test – usually takes less than two months.

Our Affordable Training

We are all well aware of the fact that the cost of HGV training is prohibitive to a lot of people. Therefore, we do everything in our power to keep our costs as low as possible. We can confidently say that our pricing is competitive, and that is as affordable as we can make it.

We contain our costs by utilising a three important strategies:

  • Volume – We are able to offer lower prices because of the volume of students we instruct. Indeed, we train hundreds of students every month throughout our many locations. Like a major retail outlet makes its money by selling more products, we stay in business by training more students.
  • Efficiency – The size of our operation makes it possible for us to be more efficient with our resources. We can concentrate our resources where they are most needed at any given time, thereby reducing waste that would otherwise be incurred through underutilised resources.
  • Speed – Our fast-paced and intense training approach has a secondary benefit above and beyond convenience: it saves you money by not requiring you to take classes you do not need. We focus only on those skill sets and information you need to pass your tests, getting you through training and on to work as quickly as we can.

For more information about the cost of our HGV training in Oxfordshire, we encourage you to contact us on our freephone number and speak with one of our training consultants. We have chosen not to list prices here because they differ from one programme to the next. Pricing is dictated by the kind of licence you want to obtain, how much experience you already have, and a number of other factors.

Also be sure to ask about financing when you contact us. The HGV Training Centre works with a financing partner to help cover the costs for every class we offer. A financing package enables you to take your training now while paying for it over a more budget-friendly length of time.

The Industry Needs You

You now know a little bit more about our HGV training Oxfordshire. The last thing we need to tell you is that the industry needs you. Current estimates suggest that the combined haulage and transport industries are already short tens of thousands of licenced drivers. We could require as many as 100,000 new drivers by the end of the decade.

This desperate need for drivers benefits you by way of competitive pay and unparalleled job security. If you are looking for a career with plenty to offer, we encourage you to consider becoming a professional driver. Our HGV training in Oxfordshire is your ticket to one of those jobs, and a career that you will eventually look back on with appreciation and fondness.

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