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Our network ensures that 95% of the UK population is never more that one hour away from one of our centres.

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COURSE IN Somerset

Did you know that Somerset boasts approximately 4,000 miles of roads? Indeed, the county is dissected in all directions by both major routes and country lanes. You can pass through Somerset on the M5 motorway or using major routes like the A37, A38, A39 and A303. All of these routes are important if you are a professional HGV or PCV driver.

The road system in Somerset gives logistics companies access to customers in need of equipment, supplies, and finished consumer goods. Without a robust road system and reliable logistics sector, the local economy would look drastically different. In fact, that is true all over the UK. Our economy is built on a solid logistics sector that carries as much as 70% of all of the cargo that makes its way across the length and breadth of the country. The importance of the logistics sector to the overall economy is one of the reasons we established our HGV training in Somerset.

The haulage and transport industries are currently short tens of thousands of licenced drivers. Our company was established to address the shortage as best we could. As such, our primary goal is to recruit as many new drivers as we can, and then train them and get them into the workforce. The more effectively we pursue our goal, the less severe the driver shortage will be.

What about you? Is professional driving a career you are thinking about? If so, our HGV training in Somerset has room for you. We routinely register new drivers for classes that get under way monthly. You could be part of our next class by getting in touch with us today.

Training for All Commercial Licences

There are no fewer than eight different licences that can be earned for the purposes of driving professionally. The fact that we distinguish between HGV, LGVs and PCV driver training is only a matter of semantics from our end. In other words, we have a training programme that can prepare you to get whatever licence you need. If you are not sure, we can help you determine the appropriate licence by discussing with you the kinds of vehicles you hope to drive.

Multi-drop HGV driver in his first job after training locally in Somerset

The vast majority of our students pursue the Category C licence for HGVs and LGVs, or the Category D licence for buses, coaches and minibuses. There are several additional licences for larger vehicles and even some for smaller vehicles. One thing to remember is that obtaining a licence for larger vehicles also allows you to drive vehicles from lower categories. That is something to think about when you begin your training.

We Deliver What We Promise

There are other companies offering HGV training in Somerset. The question is, do any of them do it as well as we do? We don’t think so. As the largest provider of HGV training in the UK, our success as a training company is a direct result of our commitment to each and every student. To begin with, we deliver what we promise.

It is easy to say that a training company prepares students to get their commercial driving licences. It is easy to say that a new driver could have his or her licence in just a few short weeks. It is an entirely different matter to back up such claims with real results. But that is precisely what we do at the HGV Training Centre. We deliver what we promise: a fast-paced yet comprehensive training programme that equips our students to pass all four tests required by the CPC mandate.

We back up our promise with a first-time pass rate consistently above 90%. In other words, the vast majority of the students who go through our training programmes pass all of the tests on the first attempt. For purposes of comparison, the average pass rate for the LGV test nationwide has hovered around 55% for years now. A decade ago, the average rate was as many as ten percentage points lower.

How do we achieve such high success rates compared to the national average? By utilising two important strategies: teaching specifically to the tests and utilising a teaching methodology that was developed to take advantage of the way people naturally learn.

Teaching to the Tests

A fundamental truth of professional driving is that one cannot get a commercial driving licence without passing four required tests. Those tests are the theory, case studies, driving skills and practical demonstration tests. If you cannot pass the theory test, you cannot undergo the training you need to get your licence. Even if you do pass, you still cannot get your licence if you do not pass the other three. That’s just the way it is.

With that in mind, the best way for us to serve our students is to do everything within our power to make sure they pass. For this reason, our HGV training in Somerset is focused only on the information and skills necessary to succeed at testing time. We do not allow ourselves to be distracted by anything else. Any additional knowledge can be learned on the job or through ongoing CPC training during a driver’s career. If it is not necessary for testing, we do not put a heavy emphasis on it during our initial training.

This focus allows us to teach directly to the tests to ensure our drivers are fully prepared. We also incorporate practice into our teaching time as well. Practice helps to instil confidence in our students by giving them an opportunity to get comfortable with upcoming tests before they ever have to sit for them.

Our Proven Teaching Methodology

The second strategy utilised in our training programme is one of implementing a fast-paced and intense training approach that does not waste time or energy on unnecessary things. Despite its pace and intensity, our training methodology works because it takes advantage of how most people naturally learn. It is a training approach built on three foundational principles:

  • Controlled Volume – People learn more effectively when they are not presented with an overwhelming amount of information at one time. In other words, the brain is only capable of processing so much information in a given session. People learn far more easily when information is presented in bite-size chunks.
  • Concept Building – People also learn more easily when they are able to build one concept on another in quick succession. The principle of building-block learning increases memory and retention by enabling a person to connect the dots, so to speak, using one concept to reinforce the next.
  • Learning Speed – We present information in a way that moves from one concept to the next in quick succession. This increases learning by taking advantage of short-term memory. The student need only remember a given concept for a short amount of time – until it is plugged into the next concept in line. With comprehension of both concepts intact, they are then plugged into the next concept, and so on. Short-term memory is activated and the student learns a tremendous amount of knowledge.

As we previously mentioned, our training approach really does work. We have the test results to prove it. We also have an industry-wide reputation for offering comprehensive and effective training that turns students into licenced professionals in a short amount of time.

HGV training in Somerset represents your opportunity to establish your career as a professional driver. For more information about our class schedule, pricing, and HGV Training Centre locations, feel free to contact us at any time.

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