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Our network ensures that 95% of the UK population is never more that one hour away from one of our centres.

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COURSE IN Tyne & Wear

The metropolitan county of Tyne & Wear is relatively new, having only been established in 1974. However, the area that makes up the county has a history that is just as intriguing and exciting as any other region of England. Those who call Tyne & Wear home are proud of where they live, and rightfully so.

Among the towns and villages that make up Tyne & Wear are numerous retail centres, light industrial operations, restaurants and cafés, and service-related businesses that rely on the logistics sector to provide the goods and supplies they need. The local transport sector also relies on coaches and buses to carry passengers throughout the region. On any given day, you will observe an endless stream of lorries and buses traversing local roads as they go about their business. Every one of those vehicles is operated by a licenced and qualified professional driver.

We established HGV training in Tyne & Wear in order to encourage new drivers to enter the industry. There are jobs available throughout the UK, including those in Tyne & Wear. Your ticket to getting one of those jobs is a commercial driving licence and CPC qualification card that proof you have what it takes to drive safely and proficiently.

Have Licence, Will Drive

Driving professionally in the UK requires a commercial driving licence. If you have a licence, you can apply for a driving job. It is as simple as that. Therefore, getting a licence is a top priority for anyone who wants to become a professional lorry or bus driver. The good news is that getting your licence does not take long.

Our HGV training in Tyne & Wear can be completed in just a few weeks. What’s more, our higher-than-average pass rate means we get more drivers working than any of our competitors. More on that later. For now, we want to explain how it is that we can train drivers to get their licences in such a short amount of time. It starts with the understanding that your Category B licence demonstrates you already know the basics of safe driving.

HGV practical road driving in and around Tyne-&-Wear

The fact that you have a Category B licence means we do not have to start from scratch. We need to introduce you to the basic concepts of commercial driving, prepare you to take the HGV theory test, and then train you in the knowledge and skills necessary to drive lorries and/or buses. We can do all of this in just a few weeks.

The speed of our HGV training programmes comes from the fact that we do not waste your time or energy on things you do not need to learn to pass the required tests. Anything above and beyond what is required by testing is information that can be learned through periodic CPC training or on-the-job training.

Our training is therefore focused squarely on the theory, case studies, driving skills, and practical demonstration tests. We train very quickly, presenting information in short, concentrated bursts designed to enhance short-term memory. Our training approach results in:

  • faster absorption of knowledge
  • greater overall comprehension
  • improved retention and recall.

By building one concept upon another in quick succession, we enable our students to build a full library of knowledge in their minds without having to go to school for years. This is known as building-block learning. It is the concept of quickly building a body of knowledge one concept at a time, in the same way that you build a house one brick at a time.

We Offer Pass Protection

In relation to our first-time pass rates, we are proud to offer what we call pass protection. Pass protection is our unwavering commitment to making sure each one of our students is well-positioned to pass his or her tests at the first attempt. We are proud to say that we achieve this goal for the vast majority of our students.

Our first-time pass rate is consistently above 90% across all of our training programmes. For some of our courses, it is as high as 92%. These are significant numbers. Why? Because the four required tests are the only means by which the government can determine whether you deserve to have a commercial driving licence and CPC qualification card. You will not get a licence if you cannot pass.

Just to prove that our first-time pass rate is impressive, consider the average pass rate for the LGV practical exam. The DVLA has been compiling data on this exam since 2007 – and the results are not good. Over the last eight years, the average pass rate has hovered between 45% and 55%. Pass rates have improved in recent years, but 55% is still surprisingly low. Our 90% pass rate is drastically better by comparison.

The reality is that our drivers want to complete their training and get their licences as quickly as possible. They have no desire to repeat courses time and again until they eventually pass on the third or fourth try. This tells us one crucial thing: there is no point in offering HGV training in Tyne & Wear, or anywhere else for that matter, if we do not deliver the results our students are looking for.

If you have any plans to undergo HGV training, we personally believe the HGV Training Centre is your best option. We operate more than four dozen training schools throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, so there is likely a school very near where you live.

Why You Should Train with Us

To close this guide, we want to highlight some of the reasons we believe you should consider training with us. We know you have plenty of options for HGV training in Tyne & Wear, and we respect that. We also respect whatever decision you ultimately make for your future.

With that said, here are four reasons we believe our HGV training in Tyne & Wear is your best option:

  • Convenience – The size of our company allows us to offer training in and around every major metropolitan area in the UK. You will not have to travel across the country to receive your training; rather, you will enjoy the convenience of training at a centre nearby. For the sake of convenience alone, the HGV Training Centre is your best option.
  • Speed – As previously stated, drivers can complete our training in a matter of weeks. We do not believe in putting students through programmes that take 6 to 12 months to complete when we can accomplish everything much more quickly. You will not be spending two years going to school at one of our facilities.
  • Results – The HGV Training Centre gets results, period. If you’re looking for a training programme with high pass rates, we have no competition. Our pass protection guarantees you will be more than ready to succeed at testing time.
  • Price – We strive to keep our prices as low as possible at all times. Even with our low pricing, we understand that many of our students do not have the cash to pay for training up front. Therefore, we offer an affordable financing package to all qualifying students.

We have given you plenty of reasons to consider registering for HGV training in Tyne & Wear. If you are ready to begin the process of embarking on your professional driving career, we are standing by to help. Contact us today for all the details.

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HGV training Services (HGVT) trains over 200 people per month. We are the UK’s largest specialist vehicle training company, training for some of the UK’s biggest organisations.

  • Over 60 HGV Training Courses Centres across the UK
  • We train for some of the biggest organisations in the UK, including HSS Hire, Hackney Council, Enterprise PLC, DHL, the DWP and Job Centre Plus
  • Get your HGV driver licence in under a week
  • One of the highest pass rates in the UK
  • Access to 1000’s of jobs via our unique Jobs Portal
  • Super-competitive prices across the board - save £££’s with daily discounts.


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