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Training to become a professional lorry driver is not especially difficult in terms of process, but there are certain things students need to do in order to complete it correctly. One of the first things on the list is to secure an LGV provisional licence. This provisional licence allows the student to undergo practical skills training that will involve behind-the-wheel instruction.

For purposes of clarity, the LGV (large goods vehicle) and HGV (heavy goods vehicle) licence are one and the same. The use of one term over the other is a matter of semantics when talking about vehicles such as lorries and tipper trucks. The term ‘LGV’ only matters when referring to light goods vehicles, such as vans. Having said that, new students need to procure two forms in order to apply for an LGV provisional licence.

D2 and D4 Forms

The first form the new student will need is known as the D2. This form is the actual application sent to the DVLA for the purposes of approving the LGV provisional licence. Students can order the D2 pack online directly from the DVLA Ordering Service, with or without a D4 form. The pack provides the application itself along with instructions and other necessary documentation.

The second form is the previously mentioned D4. This is the approved medical form required in order to get an LGV provisional licence. Students can download it separately from the GOV.UK website or get along with their D2 pack. We strongly encourage you to get it from GOV.UK, because that version will include important information about filling out the form.

With forms in hand, the student is ready to begin. The D2 will be filled out completely and sent to the address listed on the form. The D4 will be partially filled by the student, and then completed by the physician who performs the student’s medical exam. The completed form is then sent to the DVLA as well.

Assuming there are no complications in the process, the student should receive his/her LGV provisional licence in the post within three weeks. It is during that time that most students prepare to take the LGV theory test.

We Can Help

Our goal at the HGV Training Centre is to provide our students with as much assistance as they need to complete the process and be trained. That assistance includes making sure the paperwork for the LGV provisional licence is handled correctly. Anyone interested in earning a commercial driver licence can work with us from start to finish. We will do whatever is necessary to make sure each student succeeds.

Once a student successfully obtains an LGV provisional licence and passes the theory test, we can begin practical skills training at one of our UK facilities. The student who learns quickly and retains information can be ready to take the final practical skills test within a matter of weeks. If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us.


GOV.UK – https://www.gov.uk/become-lorry-bus-driver/applying-for-a-bus-or-lorry-provisional-entitlement


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