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There is little doubt that PCV and HGV operators, in larger numbers, are choosing to purchase telematics systems for their vehicles. As evidence, consider the fact that the Fleet News UK website featured several stories regarding telematics in its news feed earlier this week. Telematics have become a popular technology resource because these offer lots of benefits that make them well worth the investment in both equipment and implementation.

As an HGV or PCV operator, does your company utilise telematics? If not, why not? Below are the top three reasons companies already using it love the technology:

1. Reduced Insurance Claims

The use of telematics equipment makes it easier for PCV and HGV operators to establish guilt in the event of an accident. Prior to telematics, it was generally assumed that the commercial vehicle was at fault in an accident, in the absence of hard data proving otherwise. But telematics has changed that. Companies embracing the technology report fewer successful claims made against them and fewer claims in general as well. This makes insurance companies very happy.

In some cases, there have been reports of incidents taking place in which drivers of other vehicles have been recorded threatening PCV and HGV drivers with legal action following an incident. But once it is discovered that the driver has telematics evidence the threats cease.

2. Improved Driver Performance

While the original intent of telematics equipment was not to monitor driver behaviour, such capacity is an extra benefit nonetheless. Operators are finding that telematics reduces the likelihood of things such as speeding or failing to drive commensurate with weather conditions. Drivers now know that what they do behind the wheel can be monitored to some degree. The result is increased driver performance that leads to fewer accidents, fewer violations, and taking better care of equipment.

3. Greater Fleet Efficiency

The most significant benefit of telematics for many PCV and HGV operators is greater fleet efficiency. For example, telematics data can track fuel consumption based on miles driven, routes taken, and other parameters. It can also track how a driver utilises a given piece of equipment. All of this data can be used to increase efficiency across the board.

For example, drivers can be shown different ways to use their vehicles based on the data for the purposes of saving fuel. Fleet managers can alter routes and delivery schedules to make time spent on the road more productive. There are all sorts of ways the data can be used to increase efficiency and productivity.

Don’t Forget the Training

Telematics represents an excellent tool for PCV and HGV operators looking to improve their businesses. Yet we would remind all of our readers to not forget the need for comprehensive training along with the use of telematics. A well-trained driver is a safe, efficient, and productive driver. We can train your drivers on an individual basis or collectively as a group. Furthermore, we are an approved provider of mandated Driver CPC training.


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