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Spring is here and the pace of classes is beginning to pick up here at the HGV Training Centre. We see this every year, with more people calling to sign up for HGV training as the weather turns nicer. If you’ve been thinking about earning a commercial driving licence to operate lorries, buses or vans, we want you to know that spring is a good time for an HGV training course.

We train drivers year-round at our facilities all across the UK. You could come to us any time and sign up for the next class in your area. But there are three reasons to do so in spring:

1. The Weather Is Nicer

It goes without saying that taking an HGV training course is easier when the weather is nice. Trying to learn to drive in the winter can be daunting even on the best of days, and summer weather can sometimes be uncomfortable with the heat and humidity. The nice weather of spring makes learning and practising a lot easier and much more enjoyable.

Of course, spring does have its storms. There is no way we could guarantee perfect weather for training at this time of the year, but you are more likely to get optimal weather in the late spring than virtually any other time in the UK.

2. Job Prospects Are Increasing

There tends to be an economic lull every year between late December and mid-March. Consumers weary of Christmas spending tend to lay off for a few months while they catch up with the bills. But come spring, spending increases and the economy comes back to life. What does this mean for the future lorry driver? It means that the annual increase in job prospects is here. Companies need drivers in record numbers; they are hiring new drivers right now.

3. School Is Coming to a Close

The arrival of spring also means that the annual school year is quickly drawing to a close. Students completing secondary school have to decide whether they will go on to university, undergo vocational training or enter the working world as an unskilled participant. We believe the best option for a lot of people is to undergo a vocational HGV training course that will prepare them for a long and rewarding career as a professional driver.

Choosing a university education means spending the next 2 to 4 years of your life in school. That kind of training may be necessary for some career fields, but certainly not for professional driving. You can sign up for one of our driving courses tomorrow and be licenced and ready to begin looking for work by the time summer starts. The training itself only takes a few weeks, while the entire process – including applications and testing – can take a few months.

We are accepting new students at all of our locations. If you are ready for your HGV training course, contact us today.


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