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With the Christmas season almost upon us comes the annual exercise of trying to find gifts for our loved ones. Might we be so bold as to suggest trailer lessons as a great gift for anyone who owns a caravan, horsebox trailer, or cargo trailer? Lessons are a gift that benefits the recipient in so many ways, including increased safety and more enjoyable trips taken with trailers in tow.

You may think we are only saying this half-heartedly, and that’s understandable. So we present you the following three reasons trailer lessons make a great Christmas gift:

1. Licence Requirements for Towing Trailers

Unless a driver obtained his or her car licence prior to 1 January 1997, the Category B+E licence is required to tow a trailer. Unfortunately, we see trailer owners every year being pulled over by the police and then discovering they do not have the proper licence for their tow vehicle and trailer combination. Most of this is the result of ignorance. Yet ignorance will not let you escape the consequences of breaking the law.

The trailer test is a necessary requirement for getting a Category B+E licence. Trailer lessons make it relatively easy to pass the trailer test without any significant problems.

2. Lessons Improve Driving Ability

Trailer lessons are a great gift idea even for experienced trailer owners who already have a Category B+E licence. Let’s face it; it’s quite likely a driver’s towing skills will diminish unless he or she is towing a trailer at least every few days. But that is not reality for most trailer owners. We tend to tow our trailers on a casual basis.

The experienced trailer owner can brush up on his or her skills by taking a one-day class with the HGV Training Centre. What is learned in our trailer class is enough to refresh the driver’s memory, give him/her an opportunity to practice again, and bring him/her up to speed on any regulatory changes.

3. Lessons Are Affordable

Lastly, trailer lessons are affordable at the HGV Training Centre. We offer three training options based on your current skill level. Our one-day course is a refresher course for experienced and licenced drivers who simply need to brush up on their skills. Our three-day course is for experienced trailer owners who have never undergone formal training and licencing. Lastly, our five-day course is our comprehensive training course for those who have never towed a trailer before.

All three courses are available at more than four dozen training facilities around the country. All are affordable as well. For a small investment of time and money, you can give the trailer owner in your life the opportunity to receive high-quality training through one of the most reputable training companies in the UK.

If you would like more information about giving trailer lessons as a gift this Christmas, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us right away. We would love to help your friend or loved one become a safer trailer owner.


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