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The unemployment rate in the UK was as high as it had been a long time at the peak of the financial crisis. But now, with the economy slowly expanding, more people are finding jobs and getting back to work. The only problem is that most job vacancies are met with hundreds of applications. There are a lot of people looking for a limited number of jobs in nearly every sector – with one exception: professional driving. We think you should consider getting your truck licence in order to take advantage of the ongoing driver shortage.

An article recently published by AOL Money described various professional driving careers, ranging from lorry driving to taxi driving. Indeed, all professional driving careers are good choices for people with the skills and knowledge. But the best among them is the lorry driving job. There are currently tens of thousands of vacancies that need to be filled. Furthermore, the need is only expected to get worse as older drivers retire over the next several years.

Do we have your attention yet? If so, here are three reasons getting your truck licence is a very smart idea:

1. Competitive Pay

Starting pay for lorry drivers is listed by the National Careers Service at between £18,000 and £22,000. AOL Money puts it at £20,000. But that is just starting pay. Drivers earn more as they gain experience and move up the employment ladder within their companies. Drivers can also undergo additional training to earn certificates that will increase their earning power. For example, AOL Money explains that obtaining the Advisory Dangerous Goods by Road certificate could mean an annual salary of £40,000 driving a chemical transport truck.

2. Job Stability

Industries with more workers than jobs expose employees to redundancy. All it takes is one poor business decision to put an entire team out of work. As for individuals, those that do not perform up to standards may find themselves replaced by younger, smarter, and more affordable workers. Simply put, job stability in many sectors is virtually non-existent.

Getting your truck licence changes all of that. With the industry now short more than 40,000 drivers, job stability is not an issue. Retaining your job is a simple matter of meeting your employer’s expectations and obeying the law. Doing both means you will never have to worry about being out of work.

3. Good Working Conditions

One of the things lorry drivers like most about their jobs is the working environment they enjoy. Drivers have a relative amount of freedom as well as a comfortable work week that averages 42 hours. Furthermore, there are government mandated rest breaks to prevent them from driving for too long. All of this creates a very favourable environment that is not hard to like.

We encourage you to consider getting your truck licence and embarking on a career as a professional lorry driver. There is a lot to love about this exciting and rewarding career.


AOL Money – http://money.aol.co.uk/2016/02/08/in-demand-jobs-where-the-only-qualification-you-need-is-a-drivin/


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