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The second of the two CPC driver-training deadlines passed in September (2014). That means every commercial driver sitting behind the wheel of a lorry, bus, coach, or heavy construction vehicle should be properly trained and certified. However, that does not mean the impact of the CPC requirements is now officially over and done with. Quite the contrary; these will continue affecting the haulage and transport industries for decades to come.

Most of the focus on the CPC requirements to this point has been aimed at making sure drivers and operators maintain compliance. Now that the original deadlines have passed though, it is time to look toward the future. Here are three ways the driver CPC requirements will continue impacting the industry:

1. Better Initial Training

CPC training is now included as part of the initial training needed to earn a commercial driving licence. Prior to 2009, that was not the case. The difference between now and then is one of competence. The whole idea behind CPC training is to ensure drivers are competent to operate commercial vehicles regardless of where they are in Europe. Competency will now be measured right along with a driver’s book knowledge and practical skills. This makes for better training before a driver ever gets behind the wheel as a paid professional.

2. Greater Hiring Challenges

Not everything about the driver CPC requirements is good. In fact, one of the most significant negative impacts is that the requirements are likely to create greater hiring challenges for haulage and transport operators. Why? Because individuals may think twice about becoming professional drivers if they know that they will have to pay for CPC training every five years. Operators will have to convince new hires that the expense is worth it in the long run, or pick up the tab for training themselves. It is an additional burden in either case.

3. Competition among Training Companies

Any time new regulations are added to driver training requirements, companies that provide such training find ways to compete with one another for market share. The increased competition usually results in better services and products being offered by training companies. We expect this to be no different. Training companies should already be developing more useful and comprehensive driver CPC training programmes as they compete with one another.

Here at the HGV Training Centre, we are staying abreast of government regulations to ensure we are providing the best training possible to our students. In addition to our training courses for new drivers, we also offer ongoing CPC training to both individuals and company drivers. We invite you to contact us for more information if you need CPC training for yourself or your fleet within the next several months.

We operate more than 45 facilities around the UK, making it easy and convenient to receive the training you need. Whether you are looking to earn your first commercial driving licence or update your driver CPC certification, we can help.


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