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A recent rash of horsebox accidents serves to demonstrate the potential dangers of horse transport. In Tewkesbury, a February 19 (2013) accident on the M5 required the help of firefighters to free trapped horses. The horses suffered only minor injuries and were released to their owner shortly after being freed.

Another accident just nine days later sent an elderly couple to Basingstoke Hospital after colliding with a horsebox on the A339. That accident involved three cars and closed the roadway for more than an hour. Firefighters had to cut away portions of the elderly couple’s car in order to free them.

Thankfully, there were no fatalities in either of the crashes even though there were some significant injuries. Both incidents show just how easy it is to be involved in a road crash and, in the case of horseboxes, how serious those crashes can end up being.

The Concern with Horseboxes

Horseboxes come in two varieties in the UK: fixed units and trailers. They are obviously large vehicles due to the space requirements of horse transport. Yet when horseboxes are occupied by animals, they present an additional challenge: the need to navigate such vehicles without causing undue stress to the horses.

The combination of size and cargo makes operating a horsebox somewhat difficult. That’s why UK law requires horsebox operators to earn a special license demonstrating they have the skills and knowledge to do it correctly. Licensing classifications are as follows:

Driving a horsebox without the appropriate license is not only illegal; it is also unsafe for yourself and other drivers on the road. By earning your license, you are demonstrating you know how to handle these vehicles properly.

Training for Horse Transport

Whether you own a horse-related business or you are just looking to begin a career as a transport driver, the training you receive should be the best you can get. Seek out an organisation like the HGV Training Centre, an organisation with an established reputation throughout the entire HGV and LGV arena. Just for the record, the HGV Training Centre has a 92% pass rate among our students.

We are also one of the largest and most well known training centres in the UK with centres in 50 locations. We train and support our students in both driving theory and practical skills to fully prepare them for testing. When you use us for horsebox training you can rest assured that you would know exactly what you are doing by the time your training is complete.

While it’s true no amount of training can prevent every horsebox accident, quality training can help drivers avoid accidents and act accordingly when something does occur. If you are planning to operate a horsebox, don’t do so without proper training first.


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