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Fire and police crews responded to a construction yard near Brentwood early last week, after a truck fire near the M25 was reported. Upon arrival, they discovered not one truck fire, but a dozen. Apparently, arsonists had broken into the yard and set fire to 12 tipper trucks being used in the current M25 widening works.

According to investigators, it appears as though the work was that of someone who knew specifically what he or she was doing. It’s clear the intent was to destroy the trucks completely, rather than just making a small statement. Each of the fires was deliberately set within the truck’s cab, in such a way as to destroy it.

Police investigators currently have no leads in the case. They are asking for help from anyone who might have been driving through the area around 12:30 AM, on May 19. Furthermore, if a single individual committed the crime, he or she was likely in the yard long before the fire was reported. Local residents and passers-by are asked to call the police if they observed any suspicious activity in the area that night.

As for the tipper trucks, they are a total loss; the combined value of all of them was roughly £1 million. There has been no word regarding what the truck’s owners are likely to do with the vehicles, but new vehicles will have to be sent in order to complete the road construction project.

An Unusual Circumstance

It goes without saying that this type of thing does not happen every day. In fact, most LGV and HGV drivers will never experience anything like this in their lifetimes. Even if they did, no amount of truck driver training could prepare someone to deal with such large-scale arson.

Every day tens of thousands of LGVs hit the road to keep the UK economy moving. Those LGVs include tipper trucks, articulated lorries, buses, coaches, heavy construction equipment, and so on. Each of them is operated by a well-trained and licensed individual more than capable of handling LGVs on public roads. Despite whatever the arsonist’s motivations were, it is no reflection on the thousands of dedicated LGV drivers serving all over the UK.

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