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A 46-year-old driver from Australia led police on a slow-speed chase while towing a trailer, eventually ending up in the bush and being forcefully arrested. After reading the story in the Daily Mail, we wonder whether the woman failed her car and trailer test.

News reports say the woman had recently been released from jail and was in no mood to be pressed by police. Reports do not say why police were attempting to pull her over, but they do describe a scene in which she kept right on going at a snail’s pace of about 15 mph. All the while her overstuffed trailer had a blown tyre that was significantly impeding her progress.

The chase lasted for quite a while before the woman turned down a residential street, found herself at a dead end, and proceeded to drive into the bush. Queensland police had to break the car window and forcibly remove the woman at the conclusion of the chase. She has been charged with numerous violations relating to both traffic and property law.

An Ill-Advised Decision

We only half-heartedly ask whether the poor woman failed her car and trailer test given that her decision to flee with a trailer in tow was an ill-advised decision. It is never a good idea to flee from police under any circumstances, but doing so while towing a trailer is just plain silly.

Anyone who has taken the car and trailer test knows that towing a trailer is very different from driving without one. Trailers add weight, they affect handling, and they require greater distance and time to stop safely. Granted, the woman in this story was only travelling at slow speeds, but her actions could still have resulted in an accident that unnecessarily injured or killed someone.

The point to be made here is that towing a trailer is something that should be approached with all seriousness and sobriety. In addition to the characteristics we have already mentioned related to towing, it must also be noted that trailers are inherently unstable. Driving without the proper amount of care can turn a trailer into a deadly weapon.

Train for Your Test

Whether you tow a utility trailer, horsebox trailer, or caravan, you need training to do so properly. You might also need to take the car and trailer test, depending on the combined weight of both your tow vehicle and trailer. You can find updated licence information on the GOV.UK website or, if you prefer, ask one of our training specialists when you call to sign up for training

Our training programme will prepare you for the car and trailer test by teaching you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. We will cover regulations, practical things such as checking fluids, and the actual skills related to cornering, accelerating, braking and reversing. Once you complete training, you will be ready to pass the car and trailer test with ease.


Daily Mail – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3522262/Woman-46-leads-police-20km-h-slow-speed-chase-Gold-Coast.html


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