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A team of researchers in Australia has decided to undertake a project that will look at horse transport practices in relation to injury and disease. As horse owners already know, their animals are subject to all sorts of physical problems when transported carelessly or not according to standards. The Australian researchers want to find out more details about why this is so.

As part of the study, they are inviting horse owners Down Under to complete a short online survey if they have transported horses at any time within the last two years. They will take that data, analyse it, and use it as part of a broader project designed to find links between particular transport practices and various illnesses and injuries the equine community already knows about.

As just one example, it is well documented that horses are easily stressed when travelling in horseboxes with additional animals they are not familiar with. The stress can lead to various health problems that may take some time to overcome. The question for researchers is one of why it happens. What causes the stress and, to a greater extent, why does the stress lead to physical symptoms?

No timetable has been set for the completion of the study and the eventual release of results. It will be interesting to see what the researchers come up with. Hopefully, they will figure out new and better ways to make horse transport less risky to the animals.

Horsebox Training at Home

Back here in the UK, we believe horse transport can be made safer for animals when owners undertake horsebox training on an annual basis. Towing any kind of trailer is already difficult enough, but horse owners have an added responsibility of driving in a way that protects their animals from unnecessary stress and injury. There is a lot to learn if one wants to do it properly.

The HGV Training Centre is proud to offer horse owners comprehensive horsebox training for both trailers and horsebox HGVs. Our training begins with an introduction to the unique needs of horses as they are being transported, followed by teaching safe driving practices that protect both animal and driver. We also train drivers in the practical skills of towing a trailer of any sort – be it a horsebox, caravan or utility trailer.

Bear in mind that a special licence is not needed for horse transport as long as the driver is doing so for recreation purposes or as a volunteer. If the driver or horse owner is making a substantial portion of his or her living in any activity that includes horse transport, a special licence may be necessary. We can explain licence requirements to you when you contact us.

The HGV Training Centre also provides HGV and PCV training for all classes of commercial driving licences. Whether you are looking to tow a horsebox or become a professional lorry driver, we have the training you need.


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