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As a leading provider of HGV training in Powys and dozens of other areas across the UK, the HGV Training Centre is acutely aware of the benefits of being a safe driver. We also know that compliance with the law is a big part of safety. That is why we were thrilled to learn of a new awards programme designed to honour the best drivers in the business. This programme is different in that winners are chosen based solely on telematics data and supervisor feedback.

The programme is a joint effort between the University of Nottingham, MAN Truck & Bus UK, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and telematics company Microlise. It has been dubbed Microlise Driver of the Year awards due to the telematics data being collected by Microlise equipment. The University of Nottingham’s contribution is to analyse the data in order to identify the best drivers for short, medium, and long haul categories.

Telematics equipment monitors HGVs for a number of things, including acceleration and braking. The safest drivers are those who are moderate, not accelerating too quickly, or breaking to forcefully. The data analysis results will then be combined with supervisor interviews that take into account the skill and professionalism of potential winners.

Currently, the team is looking at 46 drivers employed by 16 different companies. Those drivers made a short list compiled after analysis of the initial driver pool. There will be five daily winners from each category from now until the competition ends with the presentation of the Driver of the Year award.

How They Get There

We must say that we find the Microlise Driver of the Year Award fascinating in its use of telematics data. Rather than relying solely on typically reported data for scheduling and safety, this competition looks at data that has been previously overlooked. In essence, the data analysis demonstrates that how a driver gets there is just as important as when he/she gets there.

Keeping a tight delivery schedule would not necessarily be a good thing if a driver had to abuse his/her lorry or endanger the welfare of others. Moreover, the whole point of telematics is to ensure drivers do their best to take care of equipment. This new awards programme validates that strategy by awarding drivers who perform well. It should encourage those who need some improvement to get working on it.

The HGV Training Centre will do its part by training our students in the best practices for safe and legally compliant driving. Our training programmes teach students everything they need to learn about road safety, hazard avoidance, following the law, and taking care of equipment – in addition to the skills they need to operate an HGV with precision.

We offer HGV training in Powys, as well as more than 45 additional facilities conveniently located throughout the UK. We are ready to get you started as soon as you contact us. Do not delay; new classes are regularly forming .


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