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As the weather heats up and the holidays begin, what could be more cost effective or freeing than jumping in the car and heading off wherever you like, knowing you don’t have to book any hotels in advance.  With a trailer behind your car, you can pack everything you need for a week or even a fortnight away, including your tent, pots and pans, food, clothes and even some sporting equipment to take advantage of the great outdoors.

Anyone can drive a car with a trailer on the back, all you need is a Car trailer licence – and the trailer – and you’re good to go.

car trailer licence

Who needs a car trailer licence?

You don’t need to be a professional driver to take your trailer test or to need a car trailer licence.  Anyone with a full driving licence for a car will need a trailer licence to pull a trailer behind them which weighs more than 750kg.

Up to this amount, and you’re covered by your car licence, but for the sort of weights, you might need for a family holiday you’ll need your car trailer licence.

What should I take to the test?

To be properly prepared for your trailer test, you should make sure you have everything you need with you on the day. This means bringing your UK driving licence, as well as a car and trailer that meet the regulations needed for the test. Without these things, your test will be cancelled and you won’t be able to get a refund on the cost of the car Trailer licence exam

If you can’t find your licence, make sure you order a new one in plenty of time for the test, and if you don’t have time then rearrange your test rather than losing out. Not everyone has a licence with a photo on it, but you do need photo ID before you can take the test.

If you’re one of the people without photo ID on your driving licence, you should bring your licence and your passport too.

Can I be accompanied?

Some people prefer to have a friend, relative or other forms of moral support in the car with them when they take the test. They may even like to have their driving instructor there. It’s fine to have someone with you when you take your test, but you don’t have to, so pick whichever option makes you feel the most confident. Just bear in mind that this person can’t help you during the test, and they’re only there for personal support. However, they can be there when you hear the result of your test so you can celebrate or commiserate together.

To sit with you during your test, the other person must be over 16 and aware of the rules they need to follow to be there.

What if I have a health condition or disability?

It’s up to you to tell the test centre that you have a disability or health condition at the time you book your test. This could include any kind of disability, learning difficulty, health condition or pregnancy. While you won’t be given any alterations to the test itself, your examiner will make allowances to make sure you have everything you might need on the day. Your examiner may talk to you about your disability and any adaptations you might need or have already made to your vehicle.

It might be the case that you’re not physically able to attach and detach the trailer yourself because of a health condition or disability. In this case, you’ll be asked a series of questions that will test whether you know how it should be done.

If you’re deaf or have any sort of hearing impairment, there will be written instruction provided for you. And if you can lip read, you should let the examiner know so they can look at you when they speak to you, as well as using all the usual hand signals they will use during the test.

Trailer licence sign language

If you need a British Sign Language interpreter, you can bring one with you during the test as long as they’re at least 16 years old, but you’ll need to pay the initial costs of hiring one if you need to and can claim it back later. Remember you can also apply for British Sign Language interpreter in advance if required. 

If you’re pregnant at the time of the test, you need to make sure you can do an emergency stop in order to take your test. 


If you’re looking to get your car Trailer licence, give us a call on 08000315765  one of our expert course advisers will be happy to help.


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