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If you are currently receiving HGV training in Berkshire, you may be directly affecting how the freight industry operates in that area in the future. How so? By inadvertently being part of some research that local towns and councils are using to measure the impact of the freight industry on their communities.

Last week officials in west Berkshire set about monitoring local HGV traffic at strategic locations near business parks and other high-traffic areas. The purpose was to figure out how traffic patterns and congestion impact the local area. The information gleaned from the observations will be combined with surveys and other research results as guidance to help local councils make future decisions regarding freight industry strategy.

The West Berkshire Council said that the goal of their project is to balance the needs of both business and local residents. It understands the need to move freight quickly and efficiently in order to keep the economy going; it also understands the need to maintain safe road conditions for local residents.

The entire research programme and consultation will continue through until the end of August. At that point, the council will begin looking at recommendations for future strategies.

Vital to the Economy

As a vital part of the UK economy, the freight industry needs to be allowed to operate with as few regulations as possible while still maintaining road and environmental safety. Yet the industry realises that certain policies will have to be developed in order to account for the evolution of local communities. Balancing the needs of the industry with the concerns of local communities is no easy task.

From the perspective of the commercial driver, operating an HGV in the freight sector is an opportunity to be part of an industry the entire country depends on. Without the dedication and hard work of professional drivers, it would be nearly impossible to move freight from one end of the UK to the next.

Training the Best Drivers

Our task at the HGV Training Centre is to contribute by providing the freight industry with the best-trained drivers around. We accomplish this through the efforts of our dedicated instructors combined with our proven, concentrated training approach. We train students in a way that helps them learn and retain all of the information they need to pass their tests the first time.

Are you an individual driver looking to begin a career in the freight industry? If so, we can train you to drive articulated lorries and vans. Do you run a company operating a fleet of multiple vehicles? If so, we can train individual drivers to join your staff or provide your entire fleet with remedial training on a regular schedule. We offer HGV training in Berkshire and at more than 45 locations throughout the UK.

The freight industry is the backbone of the UK economy. We are happy to be part of that industry by offering high quality, comprehensive training classes to both individuals and company drivers.


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