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The driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) is a qualification that has been adopted by many European countries since September 2009. The scheme is meant to serve as an additional qualification that that improves the professionalism within the LGV & PCV industry. The purpose of the qualification is to improve the safety of roads and drivers by implementing safety rules and procedures.

Before a driver can get the CPC certification, they must complete an additional theory & practical test (Modules 2 & 4). This applies to all new drivers in the industry and is the only way to acquire a DQC (Drivers qualification card) which allows a driver to use their licence for commercial use. Many people have been asking if the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union (Brexit) will have a significant effect on CPC. Many have speculated that the CPC will now be scrapped and it is no longer relevant or valid. Nothing can be farther from the truth. The United Kingdom was a joint signatory with other European countries to the AETR which was an agreement that was meant to give standards on vehicles and drivers in international road transport.

The United Kingdom can only stop the CPC if it withdraws its signature from the AETR. But this is not going to happen because a signatory to the AETR is required if the United Kingdom wants to trade in the European Union Countries. Therefore, all the speculation about cancelling the CPC is false. The CPC is part of a larger body of regulations that the UK will continue to be a signatory to.

hgv licence requirements

In addition to the Initial CPC (Modules 2 & 4), all drivers need to complete 35 hours of Periodic CPC within 5 years of obtaining their DQC, to keep it valid. Periodic CPC is all classroom-based training and its designed to equip drivers with an array of skills for working within the industry. The deadline for LGV drivers to complete their 35 hours is 2019. The rumour that the CPC may be cancelled make more and more people undecided about it, but that’s a risky venture.

If you miss out on the certification, you will not be permitted to drive professionally in the United Kingdom or any other EU country. This will be a dent on your professional career, and for the organisations you serve.

HGV Practical training centre

Don’t let the rush of 2014 repeats itself. Where many people waited until the deadline was close to complete their training. This clogged up the training network when they all tried to undertake the 35-hour training course at the same time to meet the deadline. We at HGVT are currently providing the 35 hours of training that is required for your certification. We are among the JAUPT approved centres that will provide you world class on-site and off-site training to understand all the Modules contained in the CPC. The training is still going on and now is the time to join us for this lifetime opportunity.
Don’t wait for the last moment, get your training today and become a certified professional driver for better opportunities.


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