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As exciting as an HGV career can be for anyone, taking HGV training can be daunting – as you can feel like there’s a lot riding on it. However, if you want to make it through successfully, it’s important to know how to overcome these feelings and build confidence in your abilities.

Now, we know that overcoming these anxieties is not as easy as flipping a switch, but with the right approach, you can slowly become less stressed and anxious about the process. So, come with us now as we offer some useful confidence-building tips.


Tip #1 – Understanding & Accepting Your Fear

The first step to success in HGV driver training is to acknowledge that it’s perfectly normal to be fearful of something new – particularly when faced with the challenge of learning how to drive a large HGV. Knowing that most trainees feel this way can be reassuring.


Tip #2 – The More You Know, The Less Scary It Is

Often, fear comes from the unknown, and as you pass through HGV courses, you’ll build your understanding and add to your knowledge at the same time. Just ask anyone who’s ever passed their test with us – it gets easier and less intimidating the more you know.


Tip #3 – Choose a Quality Trainer With Quality Support

When you have a good HGV instructor at your back, they can make a big difference to your confidence levels, which is why it’s so important to choose your training company wisely. They’ll build a good rapport with you and talk about your anxieties to set your mind at ease.


Tip #4 – Practice Stress-Management Techniques

You have more control over your stress and anxiety than you think, and there are a bunch of techniques you can use to reduce your fear. Deep breathing, mindfulness and regular physical exercise can all help to bring down anxiety and also be sure to relax during your breaks.


Tip #5 – Utilise Peer Support

There’s a good chance that you’ll be rubbing shoulders with other trainees during your course, so reach out to them for some emotional support. By sharing experiences and lessons learnt with each other – either in person or online – you can end up feeling much better about things.


Tip #6 – Simulated Practice

If you are able to gain access to it, make use of HGV simulation training, as it provides a risk-free environment in which to practice and iron out mistakes. This can offer you a nice way to build confidence before hitting the road for real.


Tip #7 – Set Small Goals & Meet Them

When you think about your HGV training as a whole, it can seem like a big, worrying task. However, if you try and set realistic goals that you can visualise, like successfully getting through a particular module, you’ll get a confidence boost when you meet each one.


Just Remember to Relax, Breathe & Carry On! 

Fear and anxiety are something that many trainees encounter during HGV training, so don’t worry, you’re not on your own if you have the jitters. However, when you understand the basis of your fears and know that with knowledge comes confidence, it’s much easier to let those worries fade away into nothing.

Be sure to reach out to your peers, set small goals, practice relaxation techniques, and accept that everyone feels fear at some point. That way, you’ll be in a much better position to grow and learn. With our help, you can go from anxious beginner to a confident, professional driver.


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