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Have you ever dreamed of piloting a double-decker bus through the streets of London or one of the UK’s other major cities? If so, bus driver training can help you land your dream job, the same way it helped Nottingham bus driver Les Roome. The award-winning driver was recently profiled by the Nottingham Post leading up to a job fair at which his employer, Nottingham City Transport, will be offering opportunities to job candidates.

Roome began his bus-driving career operating single-decker buses around Nottingham. However, he always dreamed of being a double-decker driver, seeing that job as the prize for local bus drivers with the best records and a mind attuned to customer service. Roome has certainly demonstrated he is fit for the job. He has won numerous awards during his career, including the UK Bus Awards’ Top National Driver for 2014.

What is most important to Roome is the fact that he is no longer living on public assistance. That is exactly what he was doing eight years ago when he first applied for his job with Nottingham City Transport. After going a year without work, he was more than happy to be gainfully employed again. Roome strongly recommends people who need work attend a local job fairs whenever held. He owes his dream job to a number of individuals who assisted him at a job fair when he was looking for work.

Excellent Career Choice

Les Roome knows something that we want people all across the UK to know: bus driving is a good career choice for anyone who enjoys a combination of customer service and driving. With so many openings for professional drivers across the country, getting started in a driving career is not hard to do. You can begin the process by contacting us to inquire about bus driver training.

Your training can begin right away as long as you possess a valid car licence, and you can pass a routine medical exam. We will help you prepare for the PCV theory test, a 100-question multiple-choice exam designed to test your knowledge of general highway safety and hazard avoidance. Passing your test enables you to begin practical skills training at one of the dozens of HGV Training Centre facilities around the country.

During practical training, our students learn driving theory in the classroom supported by hands-on training behind the wheel of an actual commercial vehicle. All of our training is provided by experienced professionals who are among the best teachers in the business. Proof of our success is found in the 92% of our PCV students that pass the theory test on the first try.

Bus driver training could be the start of a long and rewarding career for you. If operating a double-decker bus is something you have been thinking about, we can help you make it happen with comprehensive training that can be completed in a matter of weeks. Contact us to learn more about class schedules, location, cost, and financing options.



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