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The UK seems to be in a bit of a flux insofar as bus service is concerned. Major cities are attempting to expand service as a means of reducing both traffic congestion and emissions while rural areas are desperately clamouring for more service. Bus companies would like to increase routes in some regions, but there are not enough PCV licence holders to drive their vehicles. It seems there are no easy answers to the whole question of how and where to provide bus service. Nonetheless, there are a few pockets around the country where bus service is expanding.

One example is Cheshire East. Their council owned company known as Transport Service Solutions has been working on ways to get people to take the bus while leaving the car at home. They think they have it on at least one workable solution: equipping new buses with free Wi-Fi and electric sockets. They say they have already seen excellent results from their efforts.

Since launching the programme, Transport Service Solutions has helped to upgrade GHA’s Gold 88 and Gold 42 routes. Buses servicing Gold 88 now feature leather seats, free Wi-Fi and tables along with a convenient, every 30-minute schedule. They are seeing increased ridership as a result of the upgrades. Transport Service Solutions hopes to replicate Gold 88 successes on many more routes in the future.

More Buses, More Drivers

We hope to see the programme in Cheshire East reach its objectives, and then some. Increased ridership would lead to more buses and, as a result, the need for more PCV licence holders willing to drive for a living. A further expansion would be good for everyone involved. Perhaps other communities would follow Cheshire East’s example if their programme proves as successful as is hoped.

Despite the troubles, the UK bus system is currently undergoing, workers here use bus service to get to and from work more than every other form of transportation combined. An estimated 2.5 million workers use a bus service every day; an additional 1 million rely on bus service as a backup. We are doing very well for public transport even though there have been some bumps in the road recently.

Whether bus service is expanded through public investment or an end to deregulation matters not. What matters at the end of the day is that bus service is accessible where it is needed without generating a money-losing proposition. It is something that can be done. It only takes a willingness and resolve among stakeholders to work out a favourable plan.

The HGV Training Centre trains individuals to earn a PCV licence for the purposes of working as a bus driver. Our world-class training is conducted by experienced professionals more than capable of preparing students to take and pass their tests the first time. In fact, 92% of our students pass the PCV theory test straight away. We are proud to say our PCV licence holders typically go on to make an excellent career as bus drivers.


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