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As a leading provider of HGV training in Warwickshire and throughout the UK, we are always on the lookout for new training tools and methods that will help us produce safer and more competent commercial drivers. Therefore, it is with curiosity that we read a recent article on HGV UK relating to video cameras being installed in lorries operated by Knights of Old. The Knights of Old Group is one of the largest privately owned logistics companies in England.

They are currently in the midst of the project of outfitting all of their cabs with video cameras mounted on dashboards. The cameras will serve to document what happens during any road related incidents that could result in insurance claims, criminal charges, penalties, and the like. The industry has already seen positive results from camera installations among other companies.

Beyond just the insurance and legal benefits, Knights of Old says they will use recorded video feed as training tools. A company spokesperson said there is no better way to train new HGV drivers than to allow them to see what professional driving is like in real life scenarios. We assume they will use the video data to teach drivers about everything from hazard avoidance to preventing crashes.

We must admit it is an intriguing idea with a lot of potential. Some video feeds could be used to instruct drivers on the proper way to avoid certain kinds of accidents. Other feeds can demonstrate the types of things drivers should not do while behind the wheel. Having real-life examples helps to take learning out of the theory of the classroom and put it into the realm of reality. It may help students retain important safety information that they would otherwise forget.

Training and Safety Go Hand-In-Hand

We will be keeping an eye on the Knights of Old project as it relates to the success of their training. If the video feeds prove beneficial, it is possible more operators and training companies will begin employing them. And we should. Proper training and safety go hand-in-hand, so any tool that helps us provide better training is one that will result in safer drivers.

The HGV Training Centre utilises the latest training tools and methodologies to prepare our drivers for long and productive careers in the haulage and transport industries. Our approach is fast-paced in nature, structured in such a way as to help our students learn and retain the information they need to pass their tests. Incidentally, 92% of our PCV students pass the theory test the first time.

Students looking for HGV training in Warwickshire or elsewhere should know that our programmes are designed to be completed in a matter of weeks rather than months. A dedication to hard work and fast learning is all one needs to progress through our training to earn a commercial driving licence. We train for all sorts of commercial vehicles, including lorries, van, coaches, buses, and tipper trucks.


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