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A well-known insurance company with a reputation for offering affordable equine insurance will be holding a special event in Cambridgeshire later this month catering to horse owners and farmers. The event is intended to provide residents with more information about towing horse trailers safely. The event will run from 10am to 4pm on Friday, October 23 (2015).

NFU Mutual’s Wisbech office is teaming up with the EMG Motor Group to offer the educational event. Both horse owners and farmers can visit the EMG showroom in Kings Lynn to learn more about safe trailer towing. Some of the topics the event will address include:

The focus of the event will be towing horse trailers. However, event organisers say it is open to anyone with an interest in learning more about how to tow safely. The principles learned can be applied as equally to utility trailers, caravans, farm trailers, etc.

Asked about the purpose of the event, NFU Mutual agent Stephen Hutchinson told the Fenland Citizen that many trailer owners do not know the basics of safe trailer and tow vehicle combinations, nor are they sufficiently versed in regulatory issues. He says it is important for his company to help people remain ‘safe and legal’ whenever they are towing.

Skills Training Equally Helpful

We encourage anyone with an interest in towing trailers to take advantage of the Cambridgeshire event later this month. The more people that can learn about safe towing, the better off they will be. That said, we also encourage first-time trailer owners to consider undergoing driving skills and practical demonstration training as well.

We offer such training at the HGV Training Centre. It involves teaching drivers how to manage their tow vehicles and trailers in a way that is both safe and efficient. Where towing horse trailers is concerned, we also address safe practices intended to keep horses in good health during travel. We believe our training is very helpful to every driver who undertakes it.

Recreational horse owners and others who transport horses for non-commercial purposes rarely need commercial driving licences in order to do what they do. But there are exceptions to every rule. If a driver does need a commercial licence, we can provide that training as well. We impart the skills and knowledge necessary for the driver to pass all of his/her commercial tests on the first try.

Please remember that towing horse trailers, or any kind of trailer for that matter, is vastly different from driving a car by itself. Also, know that safe trailer towing does not happen by accident. It is the result of training and education that makes the driver familiar with the most important aspects of towing. We offer the training because we want you to be safe.


Fenland Citizen – https://www.fenlandcitizen.co.uk/news/horse-trailer-towing-event-to-raise-road-safety-1-6996059/


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