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Anyone who wants to be a professional driver of commercial vehicles has to undergo an HGV, PCV, or LGV theory test in order to receive the provisional entitlement necessary to train. The test is similar to the theory test one takes prior to earning a car licence, except that it concentrates on issues pertaining to operating large vehicles. Cheating on the test is not allowed, as an Urdu translator recently found out.

The BBC reported on November 14 (2014) of a scam involving the translator, 41-year-old Mohammed Saeed, and hundreds of individuals taking their theory tests. Saeed was using a number of Urdu words meaning ‘you’ to reveal the correct answers to test takers. He has since been jailed on six counts of fraud. There are still three additional counts that have yet to be dealt with. Unfortunately, it does not stop there.

Saeed’s 329 clients were also subject to immediate licence revocation based on safety concerns. All of those drivers will now need to retake the test and reapply for their licences. The revocation affects drivers who obtained their licences as far back as 2008. Some of them will now be unable to work for an extended amount of time as they wait for new tests to be scheduled.

Exactly how Saeed was caught is not quite clear. But it seems as though he was observed routinely saying words that were not part of the text of the test, leading to speculation that he was helping applicants choose the right answers. In either case, his scam is now up and he is in jail.

Theory Test Importance

The UK government has instituted the theory test requirement in order to make sure drivers understand certain aspects of highway safety and hazard avoidance. A candidate unable to pass the test does not have the head knowledge necessary to begin practical skills training. This is true whether you are talking about a commercial vehicle or a passenger car. A certain amount of knowledge is necessary in order to train and drive safely.

Where the LGV theory test is concerned, you are talking about a 100-question, multiple-choice exam covering two sections. Drivers can take the sections separately or together, depending on their preferences. However, both sections must be passed before an individual can begin training.

Here at the HGV Training Centre, we include theory test preparation among the services we provide. You are welcome to take one of our theory test training classes that will prepare you to take the actual exam. You might be happy to know that our students pass the theory test the first time, at a rate of 92%.

If you would prefer to prepare on your own, that’s fine as well. No one is required to take our HGV, PCV, or LGV theory test classes in order to train with us. As long as you have passed and you have your provisional entitlement, we can train you to drive a commercial vehicle of any class.


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