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Even as other coach operators are consolidating operations in closing down routes, business has never been better at National Express. The company, which offers transportation options including bus and rail, has operations in Europe, North America, and parts of northern Africa. Company executives recently disclosed that the UK coach service is one of their strongest divisions and largely responsible for driving the company forward.

National Express is the primary coach and city bus provider throughout the West Midlands. Their UK operations are based in Birmingham. Company officials have said UK coach and bus sales have risen 8% this year, contributing to an overall 6% sales increase across the company’s entire operations. National Express is taking advantage of non-operating rail services over the Christmas holidays to offer extra coach services where they are needed.

What’s most surprising in all of this is the fact that the company just implemented a series of rate increases that easily exceeded inflation. Nonetheless, the company is poised to win major contracts and increase service in most of its European markets. Meanwhile, North America remains very stable in terms of the financial contributions it is making to the international business.

We mention all of this to say that bus and coach transportation in the UK is by no means on the decline. Yes, some smaller operators are facing difficulty due to mounting financial pressures. However, among those companies with the financial resources to continue, profits are rising right along with ridership. Now, more than ever, Britons are looking to bus and coach services as an alternative to rail and private cars.

This is good for both the transport industry and individuals looking to get work as coach and bus drivers. That’s where the HGV Training Centre comes in. We provide the comprehensive PCV training necessary to earn the proper licence to drive a coach or bus. Our training comes complete with CPC training for all new drivers.

In order to earn a PCV licence, a driver must first have his or her full car licence. He or she must pass a routine medical exam, apply for a provisional entitlement, and take and pass the PCV theory test. Once all those requirements are met, he or she is eligible to begin practical skills training at one of our 45+ facilities around the UK.

The HGV Training Centre makes it a point of concentrating only on the information and skills necessary to be a successful and safe PCV driver. We employ a fast-paced and intense training approach that is proven to work. For example, our students enjoy a 92% first-time pass rate for the PCV theory test.

The public transport industry is currently suffering through a marked shortage of qualified, licensed PCV drivers. If you are interested in embarking on an exciting and rewarding career as a bus or coach driver, your first step is to get in touch with us at the HGV Training Centre. In a matter of months, you could be working as a professional coach driver.


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