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On New Year’s Day, a coach driver pulled his vehicle up to New York’s Bounce Sporting Club as scores of ‘passengers’ lined up outside. However, this coach was not destined to load up and carry its passengers to some faraway destination. In fact, it was set to stay put from 11am until 7pm. Why? Because the Hangover Club limousine coach has been specifically designed for one unique purpose: to help revellers get over their hangovers.

The coach has been outfitted with bench seating, a wraparound sofa, televisions and an ample supply of IV bottles filled with vitamin and mineral solutions promising to bring your hangover to a quick conclusion. Passengers can eat on the bus as well, choosing from a range of high-energy snacks that will keep them going.

According to the New York Post, the coach can accommodate as many as 15 individuals at any one time. At least 75 had already made appointments in the days leading up to New York’s world-renowned New Year’s Eve celebration. Nurses began checking in clients at 11am sharp, keeping tabs on each one throughout their treatments.

The IV treatments utilised by the Hangover Club are nothing new. Physicians have used them for years to treat everything from hangovers to colds and flus. They have become so popular on the party scene that IV clinics are springing up in major cities including London, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

So, exactly how does one get the job of the hangover coach driver? It requires a special commercial driving licence and a commitment to avoid alcohol prior to working one’s shift. The last thing overindulgent partygoers need is a coach driver who is under the influence.

One of Many Possibilities

In all seriousness, driving the Hangover Club coach is just one example of the many possibilities that exist for bus drivers. Here in the UK, the transport industry is suffering a driver shortage just like its haulage counterpart. There are simply not enough drivers to replace those who are retiring while at the same time filling the empty seats being created by an expanding economy. Where there are people who need to be moved, there are coach driver jobs open.

Perhaps you might consider becoming a coach driver if you are just embarking on your career. Professional driving offers good pay, stable employment and opportunities to meet all kinds of people. It is also great career choice for older workers who have been made redundant or just want to find something different.

At the HGV Training Centre, we can prepare you to be a coach driver through our comprehensive training programme. Our training will teach you everything you need to know to pass both the theory and practical skills tests, the first time you take them. We are one of the first names in commercial driver training throughout the UK. When you train with us, you are training with a proven provider.


  1. New York Post – https://nypost.com/2014/12/30/this-bus-will-cure-75-hangovers-on-new-years-day/


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