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Many people are confused about what a forklift truck is, and what it’s like to learn to drive one. That might put some people off ever having formal training, thinking they can go in and do a forklift driving job right away, or it might make others feel too intimidated to give it a try when they may, in fact, be very good at it.

You need to have a driving licence to drive a forklift

You don’t need a driving licence to train as a forklift truck driver. In fact, you don’t need any kind of licence at all.

You have to qualify for your forklift licence at the end of training

Training doesn’t mean training for a licence, it just means training so you can use a forklift properly. There’s no such thing as a forklift licence; employers just need to make sure their employees know how to operate one safely.

Forklift training is just learning to drive forwards

Although driving forwards in a forklift is, of course, something we teach, you’ll find that the vast majority of forklift driving in the workplace means driving in reverse. This means you’ll be thoroughly instructed in driving backwards; you’ll also have to be able to drive with full visibility whilst carrying a load on the front of the forklift. In addition to the driving part, you also need to learn how to load and unload safely and run all the appropriate checks on your vehicle. This makes it even more vital that you have the proper training before you operate one professionally.

Learning to drive a forklift is like learning to drive any vehicle

There are a lot of things about forklifts that make it essential to get forklift-specific training. For a start, the forklift uses its rear wheels to steer, unlike any other vehicle you might learn to drive. It also has a three-point suspension system which means it handles very differently from a car, with the danger of swinging out and causing damage or injury if not handled properly.

Forklift training is expensive / not worth it

Forklift training starts at just £9.99 per instalment and has been made affordable enough that you can train even if you don’t have an employer paying for you. This means you can go out into the workplace already trained, making you an even better candidate for any forklift driving jobs as you’re able to start right away.

Forklift training takes a long time

If you have a spare five days, you have time to learn how to drive a forklift truck professionally. We also offer three day and one-day courses, if you already have some experience driving a forklift. Our courses are designed for busy people who want to get trained fast and get into work – whether they’re already employed or looking for a job.


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