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We have all heard the tragic stories involving accidents between lorries and cyclists. More often than not, these tragedies could have been avoided if both the lorry driver and cyclist were more aware of one another’s location and tendencies. Fortunately, the location issue might be close to being effectively solved by a London-based company known as Cycle Alert. The company is ready to begin the testing phase of a new RFID system it developed for cyclists.

The system takes advantage of the same technology currently used in smart credit cards and other forms of personal identification. It consists of a small RFID transmitter mounted on a bicycle, a receiver mounted on a lorry and an electronic alert system installed inside the vehicle’s cab. If the system proves effective, it could make a big difference to drivers and cyclists.

Reports describe the system as having two phases. The first phase initialises a display inside the truck cab alerting the driver that a cyclist is within range of his or her sensors. He can then begin paying attention right away. That alert becomes an audio warning if the cyclist enters the predetermined ‘danger zone’. At that point, the driver knows not to make any sudden turns that could endanger the cyclist.

Tests will focus primarily on the effectiveness and range of the system in the busy urban environment. Many different things can affect RFID transmission including blocking objects, weather, and the surrounding environment. Cycle Alert needs to know whether it has effectively overcome such barriers. If it has, their system may be well on its way to full-scale implementation across the UK.

Lorry Driving Difficult

Lorry driving is difficult enough without having to constantly worry about cyclists in urban environments. Therefore, anything that makes lorry drivers safer is a good thing. An RFID system that would provide enough warning seems to be a very good tool for reducing the number of accidents between HGVs and cyclists. Let’s hope it works.

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