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The National Infrastructure Delivery Plan announced by the government in late March (2016) calls for spending a significant amount of money to improve transport infrastructure within England, including the construction of a Northern Powerhouse that would connect cities and towns in the north and enable better traffic control in that region. It is a plan that should be embraced by company drivers, operators and industry groups alike.

The plan brings together the government’s infrastructure priorities for the next five years. According to published documents, more than £425 billion will be spent on 600 major road projects until 2021, representing a significant portion of the overall allocations for transport infrastructure. After reviewing the documentation, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) is fully on board with the plan.

FTA Director of Policy Karen Dee said in her official remarks that the plan “is a welcome development as it presents a co-ordinated and comprehensive view of what needs to be delivered over the next few years and establishes a process for identifying what comes next.”

High Time for More Investment

Industry organisations such as the FTA have been calling for road infrastructure improvements for years. The current system, while very good in its day, has since outlived its usefulness with ever-increasing volumes of traffic. Furthermore, older road designs were never meant to handle the kind of commercial traffic we now see throughout the UK. Highways England and their respective government partners have little choice but to invest in road infrastructure if they want to keep the UK economy advancing.

The time has clearly come to construct new road systems that can handle current traffic volumes while accommodating projected increases well into the future. The National Infrastructure Delivery Plan is an excellent step in that direction. Company drivers and operators should be embracing the plan with the understanding that it will make road transport easier, more efficient and more profitable.

As most of us in the industry already know, over-the-road transport (i.e. HGVs and lorries) handle as much as 70% of the freight that makes its way to, from and within the UK. Without an adequate road system, the haulage industry cannot deliver the best service possible. Investing in new and better infrastructure ensures the haulage industry will continue to have access to one of the most important resources it needs to function: a comprehensive and efficient road system.

Invest in Yourself

While the government is busy investing money in new infrastructure and improvements, we encourage you to invest in yourself and your future by training to earn your HGV licence. There is certainly no shortage of open jobs for future company drivers and independent contractors looking to embark on careers as professional drivers.

The HGV Training Centre is the leading provider of HGV training, operating more than four dozen facilities throughout the UK. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about programmes, prices, and the next round of training classes scheduled for your local area.


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