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In the town of Leslie, Fife, residents have long been concerned about the amount of HGV traffic travelling through on its way in and out of the Lomond Quarry north of town. Like many smaller towns in the UK, the roads in Leslie were never designed to handle an excessive amount of HGV traffic. Now the operators of the quarry, Skene Group, say HGV traffic through Leslie will be reduced thanks to a £1 million investment in a new ready mix concrete plant in Glenrothes.

In addition to reducing HGV traffic through the town, Skene Group says the new plant will create six jobs and generate income for the local economy. The company has not said whether any of those new positions will be for drivers who receive their HGV training in Fife or other parts of the UK.

Currently, the number of HGVs travelling through Leslie from the north side of town worries both residents and local leaders because of the proximity of the roads to many sensitive areas, including a local play park for children. Residents are hopefully optimistic, despite having some ongoing issues with other aspects of the Lomond Quarry. The Leslie Community Council is banking on Skene Group’s promise that the new concrete plant means less HGV traffic in their town.

Part of the Mix

What has been observed in Leslie, with all of the HGV traffic, is nothing new in the UK. It is just part of the mix; it is just part of living here. Many of the smaller towns were built long before HGVs even existed, so their road systems were not designed to handle the traffic. Moreover, while redevelopment and infrastructure changes can be made more easily on the outskirts of affected towns, there is not much that can be done in town centres.

Current conditions make it essential for company owners, business leaders, and community residents to do their best to make things work in a way that benefits everyone involved. That includes everything from HGV training to route planning to resident awareness campaigns.

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